Additive Manufacturing Machine

Eplus3D focuses on the development and production of industrial grade additive manufacturing equipment with Metal Powder Bed Fusion (MPBF™), Polymer Powder Bed Fusion (PPBF™) and liquid bed stereolithography (SLA) as a professional additive manufacturing equipment manufacturer and application solution supplier with full range of leading technologies for industrial 3D printing.

Our AM technologies are widely used in Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Tooling, Healthcare, Dental, Consumer Products, Education & Research, etc. Applications: End Parts Production, Product Customization, Injection Molding, Medical Devices, Rapid Prototyping, Jigs and Fixture, etc.

Product Solutions

Finding the Correct Industrial 3D Printer

Selecting the most suitable 3D printing technology for an application to fulfills your requirements is not easy. Using additive manufacturing, 3D parts are created layer by layer by adding materials. With more than 25 years of experience in 3D printing for industrial applications, Eplus3D has professional experience for powder bed additive manufacturing solution.

To perfect the industrial grade 3d printing solutions, we engaged on the 3D printer, the material, the process technologies for large scale industrial production. Eplus3D team delicate process of powder bed fusion, our technology focus on the foundation for direct manufacturing results that meet a wide range of industrial requirements, mechanical property, dimensional accuracy, surface quality and stability performance.

  1. Machine Solutions
    Metal 3D Printer

    Using micron grades metal powder Stainless steel, Titanium alloy, Aluminum alloy, Nickel base alloy, Maraging steel, CoCr alloy, Copper alloy and other micron grades metal powder to manufacture the direct use metal parts, such as fuel nozzle, turbine blades, light-weight parts, conformal cooling channel parts, heat radiator, condenser, hydraulic components, light weight parts, metal molds, medical instruments, dental crown and implant.

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  2. Machine Solutions
    SLS 3D Printer

    Direct manufacturing plastic function parts with nylon, nylon composite, PS, PP, TPU and other micron grades plastic powder, which is used for rapid nylon parts, elastic parts, wax pattern, sand mold, fixtures, and other engineer plastic parts production. EPlus3D PPBF™(Polymer Powder Bed Fusion) technology is widely used in various industry such as automotive, electronics, machinery, aerospace, shoes, sports, packing, medical etc.

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  3. Machine Solutions
    SLA 3D Printer

    Eplus3D Stereolithography 3D printers are industrial grade system to create concept models, cosmetic prototypes, and complex parts with intricate geometries in as fast as in few hours. A wide option with materials, extremely high feature resolutions, and quality surface finishes are possible with SLA technology.

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With more than 25 years’ AM technology accumulation, Eplus3D strives to bring you a long-term success, from a professional start in industrial 3D Printing solution, to qualified system maintenance and globally available support. Get in touch with us today and we’ll find the tailored solution to fit your needs as soon as possible!
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