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Eplus3D's Talent

Eplus3D's Talent
  • Making the best use of talents
  • Performing their respective duties
  • Making full use of talents
  • Responsibilities

Eplus3D's Enterprise Spirit

Eplus3D adheres to the enterprise spirit of ''pragmatic, refined, cooperative and innovative'', and adheres to the core talent concept of ''making the best use of talents, making full use of talents, performing their respective duties and responsibilities''.

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is a cutting-edge industry with high-tech attributes and has a good development prospect. We are in a period of rapid development, we uphold the international talent strategy, established excellent corporate culture, can provide you with a broader development platform, welcome to join!

Join Eplus3D, on your way of life, light the beacon of your career, and lay a good foundation for the sustainable development of tomorrow!

Eplus3D's Office & Factory

Eplus3D committed to becoming a Learning-Enterprise and encourages employees to learn in various forms. We are willing to work with our employees to create value, improve ourselves and grow together to achieve Win-Win results.

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Eplus3D's Development

Eplus3D focuses on the growth and development of employees, and provides different career development paths and promotion channels for each employee according to different job responsibilities and personal situations. We hope to help every employee to make the best of his ability and realize the common development of employees and the enterprise.

  • Senior Technician


    Junior Technician


    Operation Sequence
  • Technical Director

    Tech Expert

    R&D Engineer


    Tech Sequence
  • Senior Management


    Front-line Manager

    Professional Staff

    Management Sequence
  • Sales Director

    Sales Manager

    Sales Supervisor

    Sales Engineer

    Sales Sequence

Working in Eplus3D's Benefits

  • Staff Travel
    Staff Travel
  • Paid Vacation
    Paid Vacation
  • Regular Physical Examination
    Regular Physical Examination
  • Union Benefits
    Union Benefits
  • Transportation Subsidies
    Transportation Subsidies
  • Lunch Subsidies
    Lunch Subsidies
  • Birthday Benefits
    Birthday Benefits
  • Holiday Benefits
    Holiday Benefits
Working in Eplus3D's Benefits
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