Eplus3D, a pioneer in industrial metal 3D printing, will showcase its achievements in copper 3D printing at RAPID + TCT 2024, scheduled for June 25-27 in Los Angeles. And it is not the first time that this copper 3D printed part has been showcased at a exhibition. So, what makes this part stand out among the many others?


Copper, the third most consumed industrial metal, is renowned for its electrical and thermal conductivity. It also possesses malleability, ductility, corrosion resistance, and antibacterial properties. Copper is extensively utilized in the manufacturing of wires, pipes, radiators, and heat exchangers. It finds widespread application in the electrical, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, and numerous other industries.





The remarkable ductility of copper makes it difficult to work with in traditional manufacturing processes, creating challenges and complexities in the workflow.


On the other hand, in the field of Metal AM, the unique properties of copper introduce a new set of challenges. With only 5% absorption of near-infrared light at room temperature, finding optimal printing parameters is difficult, affecting processing efficiency and part properties. Post-processing to remove excess powder is also complex due to copper's ductility. However, 3D printing of copper holds significant value in specific applications, such as copper heat exchange components, due to its unique material properties.


coppers-infinite-potential-the-emerging-trend-in-metal-additive-manufacturing-a.jpg coppers-infinite-potential-the-emerging-trend-in-metal-additive-manufacturing-b.jpg coppers-infinite-potential-the-emerging-trend-in-metal-additive-manufacturing-c.jpg

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Since the establishment, Eplus3D has focused on developing industrial-grade 3D printing systems and application technologies. After numerous tests and advancements, Eplus3D has successfully printed copper parts, marking a significant milestone in metal 3D printing.


This achievement showcases Eplus3D's proficiency in metal powder bed fusion technology, paving the way for broader applications of this technology in various fields, bringing new and unique solution to many fields. Looking forward, Eplus3D will continue to lead the development of the metal 3D printing industry and promote the expansion of technology and applications.