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Job responsibilities:

1. Be fully responsible for the establishment and management of the provincial marketing team to achieve the established sales target.

2. Take big customer dealers as development objects, complete channel sales network development and establishment, and assist dealers to complete project implementation.

3. Familiar with the application of dental products.

Job requirements:

1. There are certain social resources in the field of building materials (including official resources, real estate developers, design institutes, big dealers, etc.);

2. Experience in the building materials industry regional sales director or provincial manager is preferred;

3. Have been engaged in the development and management of waterproof material distributor channel or building materials major customer channel is preferred. (the agent needs Party A's resources)

4. Education background, no gender limit; strong communication, responsive, public relations, negotiation skills, good at analyzing and solving problems.

Welfare and other conditions:

1. Allowance: provide Chinese meal allowance, travel subsidy, communication subsidy, fuel subsidy, overseas subsidy, full attendance award and other allowances (the allowance is not included in the basic salary);

2. Welfare: provide social insurance, provident fund, paid vacation, departmental activity welfare, education and training welfare, etc;

3. Office environment: the company provides a good and comfortable office environment and a harmonious working atmosphere for employees, and there is a staff restaurant;

4. Leave system: 5-day working week, double leave.

5. Corporate culture: refinement, pragmatism, innovation and win-win situation.

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