About Paradigm 3D:

Paradigm 3D, founded in 2023, is the first 3D printing company in the Middle East that has obtained the Part 21G Certification from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), positioning themselves as the state-of-the-art facility capable of manufacturing certified aviation parts. They are focused on printing and designing spare parts to provide customers with high-level applications.



Paradigm 3D's Strategic Investment in Metal Additive Manufacturing:


Mr. Balaj, the Engineering Manager of Paradigm 3D, said: “Our background was not initially in Metal printing, but we recognized a growing demand for high-technology spare parts, focusing on Metal Additive Manufacturing allows us to meet these requirements effectively.” Paradigm 3D is committed to completing the end-to-end manufacturing cycle. To ensure they can deliver sophisticated and customized products to diverse industries, the decision to invest in an Eplus3D machine aligned with Paradigm 3D strategy.


Eplus3D as a Reliable Partner:


To establish a strong foothold in the Metal Additive Manufacturing market, Paradigm 3D recognized essential requirements to be filled in: ease of start-up, smooth operation, and compatibility with a broad spectrum of materials. These factors led them to choose the Eplus3D machine.


“We wanted to have a foothold product in the company when we were deciding about a year ago.”, explained Mr. Balaj, the Engineering Manager at Paradigm 3D. The EP-M300 emerged as the ultimate choice for Paradigm 3D, standing out as an impressive mid-size Metal 3D printer with a remarkable printing speed of up to 95 cm³/h. This machine supports a diverse range of materials, including Titanium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Nickel Alloy, Maraging Steel, Stainless Steel, Cobalt Chrome, and Copper Alloy.


” We consider the EP-M300 to be an excellent starting point for us, providing a solid foundation and in-house capability for our operations.” highlighted Mr. Balaj. This strategic investment not only meets their immediate needs but also positions Paradigm 3D to cater to the evolving demands of industries requiring high-technology spare parts, thereby solidifying their commitment to innovation and excellence in Metal Additive Manufacturing.




Speeding Up Spare Part Production and Enhancing Efficiency


“Before we designed the labyrinth cage for control valves in oil and gas industry, it took around six months to produce, and it was very expensive. The design was so complex that the parts had to be made in small strips, which were then stacked and weld together to form the cage.” explained Mr. Balaj.


With the EP-M300, Paradigm 3D can now print the labyrinth cage directly using the required material in under a week. One of the key advantages is that the part is produced in one piece, significantly reducing production time. “Internal testing has shown that the results are comparable to the original, as anticipated." Mr. Balaj remarked.


This leap in efficiency not only speeds up the production process but also ensures the quality and reliability of the spare parts, demonstrating Paradigm 3D's commitment to evolving their manufacturing capabilities and enhancing operational efficiency.




Paving the Way for Future Innovation


Mr. Balaj has outlined the company ambitious plans for the next few years, focusing on expanding their market presence in the aerospace and oil and gas industries. The company aims to become a premier comprehensive solution provider in the region. The collaboration with Eplus3D has significantly enhanced Paradigm 3D's production efficiency and market penetration, showcasing remarkable success.


Furthermore, this partnership reinforces the advancing Paradigm 3D's mission to make metal 3D printing a competitive technology, enabling UAE’s industrialists to explore innovative concepts and develop value-added solutions.


Eplus3D is looking forward for more revolution together with Paradigm 3D.