About Eplus3D PRINTER
  • What is the advantage of working with Eplus3D ?

    Eplus3D's core technical team has more than 25 years of AM technology experience and is engaged in the research and development of industrial-grade additive manufacturing systems and application technologies using MPBF™ (Metal Powder Bed Fusion), PPBF™ (Polymer Powder Bed Fusion) and Stereolithography 3D printing technology, which means that Eplus3D has a profound technical foundation. Eplus3D provides professional application solutions for the fields of Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Tooling, Machinery and Dental

  • What companies does Eplus3D work with ?

    Out of respect and privacy for customers, we do not disclose a listing of our customers. However, we do regularly receive permission to share customer success stories. Read our success stories here. 

  • Is Eplus3D ISO approved?

    Yes, Eplus3D is ISO 9001, ISO14001 certified company. 

  • What is a service agreement?

    A service agreement is a signed contract between the customer and Eplus3D for work to be performed. The agreement states the hourly working and travel rates for the technician. It also covers air travel, travel expenses and mileage fees. Once the service agreement is completed (with the purchase order number), the work can be scheduled.

  • What are the payment terms?

    Normally we accept Bank Wire Transfer, but LC, PayPal and other payment methods can also be negotiated.

  • Can you introduce your Germany subsidiary company?

    About Eplus3D Tech GmbH, it is our subsidiary in Stuttgart, Germany. Our German subsidiary is currently equipped with a complete sales & technical support team and spare parts warehouse, as well as Eplus3D metal 3D printing demo center. Customers are warmly welcomed for on-site visits.

  • Where do you export?

    At present, our 3D printers have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. We have served thousands of customers worldwide and they are satisfied with the machine performance and technical service.

  • What is the lead time of the additive manufacturing machine?

    The majority of our AM machines are manufactured to order, and we will provide an estimated delivery time frame for each product depends on stock and production current orders. Our team will continue to keep you informed of the status of your order and its expected delivery time.

  • Can I get benchmarks or printing service?

    Definitely, we also strongly recommend that you print benchmarks/samples before making a purchasing decision, so that you can better understand whether our 3D printers meet your requirements or not. Typically, a basic production fee will be charged for sampling, but this cost will be deducted from your machine order.

  • What industrial 3D printers do you have?

    Eplus3D develop and produce metal 3D printers, SLS 3D printers and SLA 3D printers for industrializing additive manufacturing solution. 

  • What is the biggest build volume of EPLUS 3D's 3D printer?

    Eplus3D Quad Laser Large Format Metal 3D Printer EP-M650 , the build volume is up to 655*655*800mm³. For the tallest, Eplus3D Metal 3D Printer EP-M450H features the tallest build volume of 456*456*1080 mm³. 

  • Aside from metal 3D printer, what else should I equip?

    Metal and SLS 3D printers require material, data-process software, gas supply, auxiliary devices, post-process devices and related consumables, etc. EPLUS 3D offer one-stop solution for customers. 

  • Can you supply metal powder/polymer/resin materials also?

    Yes, Eplus3D supplies most of the market-type materials. Eplus3D also offers a wide range of validated processes for each of the above materials to ensure the excellent performance of the 3D printed parts.

  • Does your system support new material?

    Yes, our system is an open system for new material research.

  • What will the machine installation be?

    For most of products, we highly recommend onsite installation and training by our qualified engineer which are based in Chinese office and European office; while for some markets, our qualified partner would provide local support directly. In both instances, our team of application and product specialists will be able to help you get most of the products and services right from the start.

  • Do you have service technicians?

    We have a fully dedicated service department, and our technicians are experienced and qualified in operating our machines. Engineers and technicians will enable you to get the most out of our machines, maximizing your production output and quality, and also take responsibility for after-sales services. 

  • How long is the machine warranty?

    The standard warranty period is one year and we also have an extended warranty policy as an option.

  • How will you offer services during warranty period?

    In daily operation, engineers provide free online help. If wearing parts or printer components run into problems under normal operation, we will offer to replace parts. If the problem cannot be solved by remote/online support, we will send engineer onsite for help. Besides, Eplus3D local resellers and Eplus3D branch offices in different countries will also offer assistance and support.

  • Do your industrial 3D printers need maintenance regularly?

    Yes, annual or semiannually maintenance is highly recommended based on the actual condition of your printers. This can not only guarantee the normal operation of your machines, but also ensure the high quality of printed parts.

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