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From Starting to Sustainable Success With Your Additive Manufacturing

Eplus3D always focus on your long-term success, we offer from a professional start in industrial 3D Printing solution, to qualified system maintenance and globally available support, to a convenient channel for your concerns and challenges, our service specialists are your best contact point to help you to make your Eplus3D machine better use.

We also offer extended warranty contracts that are tailored to your specific requirements and demands. You can make the choice you want!

What You Can Get from Training Service

  • Installation

    Our experienced service engineers will support you in every phase of machine installation. We will train you during installation and integration into your production environment completely according to your needs.

  • Training Certification
    Training Certification

    We offer two levels of training with qualification and certifications, that is basic training and advanced training. With specific knowledge for production process with additive manufacturing, we can help you get the right management processes to achieve the successful industrial 3D printing solution.

Get Personalized Troubleshooting Efficiently

  • Diagnosis

    With more than 25 years of experience in developing additive manufacturing machines and advanced processes for 3D printing, which helps us rapidly restore your machine performance. We are also continuously focusing on further diagnosis methods to make more efficient solution for you.

  • Repairs

    We can be immediately to fix any faults as quickly as possible. With the strong team of service experts in the additive manufacturing industry, we give you the opportunity to report service incidents to us 24/7 and remote service is also available as you want.

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