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Renowned as one of the preeminent 3D printing machine manufacturers in China, Eplus3D specializes in a diverse range of industrial 3D printing machines. We offers industrial 3D printing systems that can be flexibly integrated into existing production environments, equipped with a wide range of different building volumes, powerful multi-laser options, and advanced in-build monitoring and scanning system. Eplus3D's industrial 3D printing machines manufacture high-quality parts with excellent mechanical performance and accuracy.

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What is the difference between CNC and additive manufacturing?

The main difference between 3D printing and CNC is that they work differently. 3D printing is an additive technology, while CNC is a subtractive technology. As we all know, 3D printing is easier to use than CNC machining. When the file is ready, you only need to select the part orientation, fill and support as needed. Then start to print. There is no need for a supervisor to supervise the whole process of printing. However, CNC is a labor-intensive process. It requires both skilled operators and different tools. It also requires complicated post-processing.

Why do we use additive manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing has the ability to reduce the time to produce complex prototypes. By applying additive manufacturing, products can be put into the market quickly by avoiding wasting valuable time waiting for changing tools or mold. For any changes or adjustments to the design, it can be made to the CAD file and programmed into the 3D printer in simple ways. 3D printers can also lower the time needed to manufacture fully functional products for use in operations. The process of additive manufacturing is additive, making it possible to manufacture products in a single step, without the need to produce different parts to be assembled later, thereby reducing production time. 

Further, the additive approach can help in producing more rugged and sturdy equipment. This gives it a competitive edge over traditional manufacturing processes and also improves material use by reducing waste. Traditional manufacturing results in lots of waste that may not be correctly recycled, on the contrary, the only material that is consumed via additive manufacturing is the actual material used for the end product.

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