SLM Metal 3D Printer

EP-M150Pro adopts metal powder bed selective melting MPBF™ (Metal Powder Bed Fusion) technology, single and dual-laser printing modes are optional, which can be perfectly used for the rapid production of high performance, high-precision parts. Compatible with the most popular metal powder materials, including titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, nickel alloy, maraging steel, stainless steel, cobalt chrome, etc. It has been applied in versatile applications such as industrial manufacturing, medical, educa- tion, dental, materials development, etc. 

EP-M150Pro Metal 3D Printer Features

  • EP-M150pro Metal 3d Printer Feature High Precision
    High Precision
    • High laser beam quality

    • Tiny laser spot

    • High consistency and uniform laser beam quality from different positons in the building platform

  • EP-M150pro Metal 3d Printer Feature High Performance
    High Performance
    • The density of printed parts can reach nearly 100 %

    • Volatility of mechanical properties< 5 %

    • In dual laser printing mode, precision deviation in alignment area ≤ 0.15 mm

  • EP-M150pro Metal 3d Printer Feature High Efficiency
    High Efficiency
    • The Layer thickness can be up to 100 μm

    • With the latested upgrated technology combining dual-laser with large layer thickness mode, the productivity has been  risen for 2.3 ~ 2.7 times.

  • EP-M150pro Metal 3d Printer Feature Openness
    • High consistency, different machines could use the same set of process parameters.

    • Machine compatible with multiple materials, the same machine can print multiple materials without adjusting the optical path.

  • EP-M150pro Metal 3d Printer Feature User Friendly Operation System
    User friendly Operation System
    • Ergonomics overall design for users

    • With "one-click printing" function, each process is ready to run, click the "print" button on the screen to start EP printing.

    • The replacement of the building plate and recoater can be completed within 10 min. 

  • EP-M150pro Metal 3d Printer Feature Afforadable Operation Cost
    Afforadable Operation Cost
    • Air consumption during processing < 3 L/min.

    • Powder supply is accurate, stable and controllable, high utilization rate of powder

    • The existing material parameter packages are provided for free

  • EP-M150pro Metal 3d Printer Feature Safer
    • Safety design, anti-misoperation, anti-electric shock, fire prevention, anti-waste, anti-pollution

    • Real-time monitoring and traceable of working environment and gas source status, safe and reliable.

What Can EP-M150Pro Print?


Machine: EP-M150Pro

Process: Metal Powder Bed Fusion (MPBF)

Material: Titanium alloy

Size: Φ 10x65 mm

EP Printing time: 0.8 h

Application:  Medical


Technical Specifications

Machine ModelEP-M150Pro
Build Volume (X x Y x Z) (height incl. build plate)Φ 150 x 225 mm (Φ 5.91 x 8.86 in)
Optical SystemFiber Laser 500 W (single or dual-laser optional)
Spot Size70 μm
Max Scan Speed8 m/s
Theoretical PrintspeedUp to 55 cm³/h
Layer Thickness20 - 100 μm
MaterialTitanium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Nickel Alloy, Maraging Steel, Stainless Steel, Cobalt Chrome, etc.
Power Supply380 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 12 / 13.5 kW
Gas SupplyAr / N2
Oxygen Content≤ 100 ppm
Dimension (W x D x H)2120 x 980 x 2250 mm
Weight1500 kg
SoftwareEPControl, EPHatch
Input Data FormatSTL or other Convertible File

Eplus3D EP-M150Pro Metal 3D Printer EP Printing Materials

Eplus3D's EP-M150Pro metal 3D printer offers a wide range of materials, including Aluminum alloy, Titanium alloy, Inconel alloy, Maraging steel, Stainless steel, CoCr, Copper alloy, and more. The Aluminum alloy material provides lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties, suitable for applications in aerospace and automotive industries. The Titanium alloy offers excellent strength-to-weight ratio and biocompatibility, making it ideal for medical implants and aerospace components. Inconel alloy, known for its high-temperature resistance and exceptional mechanical properties, is commonly used in aerospace and gas turbine components. Maraging steel provides high strength with good toughness, suitable for tooling and high-strength component applications. The availability of Stainless steel material offers corrosion resistance and durability, widely utilized in various industrial components. CoCr and Copper alloy provide versatility for medical and thermal management applications, respectively. Eplus3D's EP-M150Pro with this diverse selection of materials caters to a wide range of industries, demonstrating its versatility and capability for advanced metal 3D printing.

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