Dentistry is one of the early medical fields in which the technology of Additive Manufacturing is applied. The reason is that dentures, crowns and brackets need to be customized according to the situation of each patient, and they often need to be adjusted manually after manufacturing. In traditional dentistry, the manufacturing speed is limited, the waiting time of patients is long, and the manufacturing cost is also high. After the application of the AM, dentists will conduct digital 3D scanning of the patients' oral cavity, take the 3D data as the basis, and adjust the data according to the patient's situation, and send the perfect digital files of the patient's oral data to the manufacturer. After the manufacturer has finished the inspection data, the finished products will be delivered in a short time. In addition, the precision of the product can be reach the micron level, which means that the oral matching degree between the product and the patient is greatly improved, and the suffering of the patients is greatly reduced. Finally, the products made by AM are relatively traditional products, which have the characteristics of durability and constant quality.


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