In recent years, 3D printing technology has been increasingly applied in industrial manufacturing. To promote the application and drive the development, the organizing committee of the Austrian 3D Printing Forum held the 11th Austrian 3D Printing Forum at the Vienna Tech Gate on April 11, 2024. Experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and users from Austria and worldwide were brought together, to discuss the current status, trends, and challenges in industrial 3D printing.



Gathering at the Austrian 3D Printing Forum


Eplus3D, a leading player in the additive manufacturing industry, has been dedicated to providing professional additive technology services and metal 3D printer solutions for many years. We offer extensive 3D printing services to the industrial manufacturing field and have gained high recognition from industry customers.


We participated in the forum and successfully delivered a speech with Fuchshofer Präzisionstechnik GmbH. The speech mainly discussed two topics. Firstly, how costs in LPBF are distributed. Secondly, we delved into what the potential is for dropping them to reach industrialization, starting from the composition of costs. This speech was a great experience and the response was overwhelming.



Delivering a speech


All in all, we learned a lot from the forum. We extend our gratitude to everyone who participated in discussions and contributed to the success of this Forum. Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about metal additive manufacturing solutions, looking forward to cooperating with you.