3D printing has been widely used in the fields of medical model manufacturing, tissue and organ regeneration, clinical repair treatment and development experiments. One of the most widely used in the field of dental material manufacturing.

CoCrMo is an alloy composed of cobalt, chromium, molybdenum and other metal elements &non-metal elements. CoCrMo has the characteristics of favorable mechanical properties, wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, non-irritant, non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic, so it has become the main material for making dental products in 3D printing.

Performance advantages of CoCrMo :

Good mechanical properties.

High melting point, about 1250 ~ 1450 ℃.

Stable chemical properties and strong corrosion resistance.

Non-irritating to the body and can be used as a planting material with good biocompatibility.

Compared with traditional manufacturing methods, 3D printed CoCrMo dental crowns have the following advantages:

High precision: customized according to the 3D data of the patient's oral cavity, with high precision;

High efficiency: the processing process is simplified, and there is no need for multiple steps such as waxing and casting, and the metal 3D printer can directly manufacture the product within a few hours;

Strong compactness: effectively avoid defects such as bubbles and blisters in traditional casting;

Cost-effective: 3D printing saves labor and time costs, and is more cost-effective.

Why is CoCrMo Widely Used in Dental Industry

Dental Crown(CoCrMo ) Printed by EP-M150 Metal Dental 3D Printer

About EP-M150 Metal Dental 3D Printer

Eplus3D Metal Dental 3D Printer EP-M150 can professionally print metal dental crowns, bridges, and brackets with improved powder feeding and sieving system enabling a high material utilization rate, which is more than 550 crowns printed only by 1kg powder Optimized chamber structure and excellent sealing properties minimize gas consumption <0.2L/min(printing period is 0.3±0.1MPa).

Why is CoCrMo Widely Used in Dental Industry