SLM Metal 3D Printer

EP-M260 is an industrial metal 3D printer that uses advanced metal powder bed fusion (MPBF™) technology. It is capable of easily and quickly converting CAD data into high-performance, complex structure metal parts. The 3D printer is an ideal choice for medium sized parts and small batch production. 

EP-M260 Metal 3D Printer Features

  • EP-M260 Metal 3d Printer Feature Consistent Performance
    Consistent Performance
    • Innovative gas flow management and optimized filter system ensure a stable building environment

    • Outstanding sealing capability optimizes oxygen content

    • Precise laser beam quality control

  • EP-M260 Metal 3d Printer Feature High Productivity
    High Productivity
    • Dual-Laser system equipped with build chamber with a volume of 260x260x390 mm

    • Non-stop operation during filter change

    • Optimized recoating strategy shortens coating time

  • EP-M260 Metal 3d Printer Feature Reliable And Easy Operation
    Reliable and Easy Operation
    • Convenient powder recycling systems and glove box structure minimize powder contact

    • Intelligent software ensures less human intervention

    • Real-time monitoring of the production environment and building process

  • EP-M260 Metal 3d Printer Feature Low Operation Cost
    Low Operation Cost
    • Quantitative powder feeding and coating ensure less powder waste

    • Advanced filtration system significant increases filter lifetime

    • Low inert gas consumption during purging and operation

  • EP-M260 Metal 3d Printer Feature Glove Box Type Access Door
    Glove-box Type Access Door
    • Intelligent electronic lock with no need of manual operation

    • Double locking from mechanical lock to improve safety

    • Alarming when the access door is open abnormally, to ensure the safety of use

    • Two-glove structure of the access door makes it possible to operate without opening the door

    • Tension seal with good sealing performance, can be controlled both automatically and manually

What can EP-M260 Print?

Heat Exchanger

Machine: EP-M260

Process: Metal Powder Bed Fusion (MPBF)

Material: Aluminium alloy

Size: Φ180x70x235mm

Printing time: 32 h

Application: Automotive

Fuel Nozzle

Machine: EP-M260

Process: Metal Powder Bed Fusion (MPBF)

Material: IN718

Size: Φ134x70x21mm(single)

Printing time: 98 h

Application: Aerospace

Heat Exchanger
Fuel Nozzle

Technical Specifications

Machine ModelEP-M260
Build Volume (X x Y x Z) (height incl. build plate)260 x 260 x 390 mm (10.24 x 10.24 x 15.35 in)
Optical SystemFiber Laser 500 W / 700 W (single or dual-laser optional)
Spot Size70 - 100 μm
Max Scan Speed8 m/s
Theoretical PrintspeedUp to 55 cm³/h
Layer Thickness20 - 120 μm
MaterialTitanium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Nickel Alloy, Maraging Steel, Stainless Steel, Cobalt Chrome, Copper Alloy, etc.
Power Supply
380 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 5 / 6 kW
Gas SupplyAr / N₂
Oxygen content≤ 100 ppm
Dimension (WxDxH)2800 x 1300 x 2410 mm
Weight2300 kg
SoftwareEP Control, EPHatch
Input Data FormatSTL or other Convertible File

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