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Based on years of experience at 3d digital technology, laser scanning strategy optimization technology and the successful experience of EP-A650, EP-A450, EP-A350 resin 3d printers, Eplus3D launched the new large size parts & mass production  SLA resin 3d printer EP-A800. The newly developed large laser SLA printer 3d printer is of high efficiency, high precision, large size and free maintenance, especially suits for producing prototypes, rapid molds, precision casting prototypes, sole molds and dental orthodontic models.

EP-A800 Resin 3D Printer Features

  • EP-A800 Resin Sla 3d Printer Feature Large Size High Efficiency Great Productivity
    Large Size, High Efficiency, Great Productivity
    • Compared with EP-A650 SLA 3d printing machine, the build volume is increased by 85% to 800mm*800mm*450mm.

    • Based on the dynamic optimization of printing path algorithm andthe patented VarioBeam technology, the printing efficiency is doubled.

    • With dual-laser, the printing speed  is 30%~45% faster than single-laser.

  • EP-A800 Resin Sla 3d Printer Feature Patented Technology Stable And Reliable High Precision
    Patented Technology, Stable and Reliable, High Precision
    • Patented VarioBeam Technology,which has a high positioning accuracy, ensures processing efficiency and surface quality as well.

    • Liquid-level Control Technology, the adjustment accuracy is within ±0.01mm; automatic detection during printing, dynamic fine adjustment.

    • Automatic detection during printing, dynamic fine adjustment.

    • The design of machine hardware framework is optimized and more stable.

    • 00-level marble platform to improve the motion accuracy and long-term stability.

  • EP-A800 Resin Sla 3d Printer Feature Variety Materials Open System And Meet Diversified Application
    Variety Materials Open System and Meet Diversified Application Requirements
    • Offering material, related applications technology support for prototype part shell, structure testing, jigs and fixtures, investment casting, prototype rollover, medical models and guidance boards

    • Eplus3D SLA 3d printing service offering variety material’s printing parameter packages and opening common parameter adjustment for users’ fine tune.

    • Open material selection, compatible with main 355 nm photosensitive resin in market

  • EP-A800 Resin Sla 3d Printer Feature User Friendly Software Easy To Operate
    User-friendly Software, Easy to Operate
    • Optimized software automatically identifies the model features and surface quality.

    • Provide variety of process parameter packages, such as dimensionand power coefficient, to customers for convenient adjustments.

    • The process parameters can be dynamically specified for a better printing.

    • One-click to calibrate the Laser Power. The power will be detected and adjusted automatically before printing.

    • Simple software, One-click to print, The printing parameters is clearly displayed in real time.

What Can EP-A800 Laser Resin 3D Printer Print?

Architecture Model

Machine: EP-A800

Process: Stereolithography (SLA)

Material: SH9100

Size: Φ520x290x200mm

Application: Molding

Architecture Model

Eplus3D large build resin 3d printer automation applications

Eplus3D's large build resin 3D printer offers a revolutionary approach to automation in various industries, redefining the landscape of rapid prototyping, tooling, manufacturing aids, model and prop creation, and end-use part production. With its cutting-edge technology and expansive build volume, this printer opens up a world of possibilities for streamlining production processes and accelerating innovation.

The Eplus3D printer enables engineers and designers to quickly iterate on designs, bringing concepts to life in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. Its high-resolution printing capabilities ensure that prototypes are not only produced rapidly but also with exceptional detail and precision, allowing for thorough testing and validation before moving into full-scale production.

For rapid tooling applications, the Eplus3D printer offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. By producing custom tooling components on-demand, manufacturers can significantly reduce lead times and costs associated with traditional tooling methods. Whether it's injection molds, jigs, fixtures, or other tooling aids, this printer empowers businesses to adapt to changing production needs with ease.

Moreover, the printer's large build volume makes it ideal for manufacturing aids such as assembly fixtures, ergonomic tools, and production line accessories. By automating the production of these aids, companies can enhance efficiency on the factory floor, improve worker safety, and optimize workflows for increased productivity.

In the entertainment industry, the Eplus3D printer serves as a game-changer for creating detailed models, props, and set pieces. From intricate character designs to lifelike scenery, this printer enables filmmakers, game developers, and artists to bring their visions to life with stunning realism and precision.

The Eplus3D printer isn't just limited to prototyping and model-making—it's also capable of producing end-use parts with exceptional strength, durability, and surface finish. Whether it's custom automotive components, medical devices, or consumer products, this printer offers a cost-effective solution for producing low to medium volume parts on-demand, reducing inventory costs and lead times.

Eplus3D's large build resin 3D printer revolutionizes automation in a wide range of applications, empowering businesses to innovate faster, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition in today's fast-paced manufacturing landscape.

Compare large build resin 3d printer with large sls printer

When comparing a large build resin 3D printer with a large SLS printer, several key differences and considerations come into play.

Firstly, the printing technology differs significantly between the two. Resin 3D printing, also known as stereolithography (SLA) or digital light processing (DLP), utilizes liquid resin cured by UV light to build objects layer by layer. On the other hand, SLS printing employs a high-powered laser to sinter powdered material, typically nylon or other thermoplastics, layer by layer.

In terms of material options, SLS printing often offers a broader range of materials, including various thermoplastics, metals, and even ceramics, compared to resin 3D printing, which is primarily limited to photopolymer resins. This diversity in material selection makes SLS printing more versatile for certain applications, especially those requiring high heat resistance or mechanical strength.

Additionally, SLS printing typically produces parts with better mechanical properties, such as strength and durability, compared to resin 3D printing. This advantage makes SLS printing more suitable for end-use parts and functional prototypes in industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical where robustness is crucial.

However, resin 3D printing generally offers higher resolution and smoother surface finishes than SLS printing, making it preferable for applications requiring intricate details or aesthetic appeal, such as jewelry, dental models, and architectural prototypes.

Overall, the choice between a large build resin 3D printer and a large SLS printer depends on the specific requirements of the project, including material properties, resolution, surface finish, and budget constraints.

EP-A800 Laser Resin 3D Printer Specifications

Machine ModelEP-A800
Build Volume (X*Y*Z)800mm*800mm*450mm (The height can be customized up to 550mm)
Build Accuracy*± 0.15 mm (L<100 mm)
± 0.15% xL (L ≥100 mm)
Layer Thickness0.05mm~0.25mm
Scan speedTypical speed: 6-12m/s
Max. weight of one-time produced part120Kg
LaserDPSSL (Diode-pumped solid-state laser), 3W
Optical scanning systemGalvanometer Scanners system
Optical focusing systemF-theta lens
Spot sizeInvariant spot: 0.08-0.2mm
Variant spot: 0.08~0.8mm(VarioBeam Module required)
Motion platformMarble platform(00 level)
Control softwareSelf-developed software EPResin
Data format*.stl /*.slc/*.cli/*.epi
Equipment IPCI3,2.1GHz Frequency, 4GB Memory; Windows® 7 or Windows® 10
Dimensions (L*W*H)Without package: 1650mm*1500mm*2250mm
With package: 1850mm*1700mm*2500mm
Machine Weight1500KG(without resin)
Power Supply200-240VAC,50/60Hz, single phase
Operating Temperature20-26℃
Operating HumidityLess than 40%
Installation groundSolid, level, no vibration

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