SLS 3D Printer

EP-P420 SLS 3D Printer

Eplus3D EP-P420 adopts polymer powder bed fusion (PPBF™) technology, with max up to 420x420x465mm³ building cylinder, ensures you the capability to print medium & large size parts for customized products and small batch production. Thanks to its innovative software and hardware, the EP-P420 is well designed user-friendly and cost-effective.


High Performance

  • Optimized temperature real-time management system, temperature filed fluctuation ≤ ±1.0 ℃
  • Advanced optical scanning path strategy, ensures superior details and surface quality of final parts
  • Up to 260 ℃ building temperature, the machine is allowed to print more types of polymers
  • Discrete variation of mechanical properties for full-scale printing parts is less than 5%
  • High material reuse rate     

 High Efficiency

  • With 120w laser power, the machine has higher printing speed
  • Detachable forming cylinder, two alternative cylinders are used to shorten the time for next printing job
  • Detachable optical protective windows, makes daily maintenance easy
  • Open printing parameters, enables the development of new material
  • Distinctive scanning strategy, saves the scanning time
  • Real-time powder feeding system, saves the printing material
  • Large volume powder dispenser, one time feeding to meet the whole cylinder printing

User-Friendly & Intelligent

  • One-click scanning path generation
  • Capability to print with one-click
  • Printing report automatic generation, the printing process can be tracked
  • Malfunction automatically process, avoids damage to the equipment

Technical Specifications

Machine ModelEP-P420
Build Volume420×420×465mm³(X×Y×Z)
Gas SupplyN2
Machine WeightApprox. 2000kg
Scanning SpeedMax. 13m/s, sky-writing
Max. Chamber Temperature260℃
Power Supply380V, 50Hz 3-phase
Layer Thickness0.06mm-0.30mm
Laser PowerCO2 laser,120W
Scanning SystemDynamic scanning focus + High-precision galvo system
Thermal Field ControlIndependent four-zone temperature control system
Temperature RegulationContinuous real-time building surface temperature monitoring
Control SoftwareEplus3D Printing Software
Output Data FormatSTL .OBJ .STEP or other convertible file
MaterialPA11,PA12,PA6 and it's composites

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