SLS 3D Printer

By adopting Polymer Powder Bed Fusion (PPBF), with max up to 420 x 380 x 600 mm building cylinder, Eplus3D EP-S600 ensures you the capability of high printing efficiency, fast scanning speed, large molding space, and low cost of use, fully meets the personalized needs of the rehabilitation & medical industry, which can be directly applied to personalized customi- zation and production. 

EP-S600 SLS 3D Printer Features

  • EP-S600 SLS 3D Printer Features 01
    High Performance & Efficiency

    • With building cylinder 420 x 380 x 600 mm, the machine can print almost all sizes of orthotics

    • Average printing time of a single orthotic is within 11 hours, one machine can manufacture 400-450 orthotics per year

    • Advanced and high-speed optical system perfectly matches the 55W CO2 laser, with the scanning speed reaches 15 m/s

    • High material reuse rate and little generated waste, saves the printing materials in an effective way

  • EP-S600 SLS 3D Printer Features 02
    Intelligent Operation & User-friendly

    • Visualized printing process and printing report automatic generation, the printing process can be tracked

    • Capability to print with one-click, convenient operation can be controlled remotely on the phone

  • EP-S600 SLS 3D Printer Features 03
    Safe & Reliable
    • Dust-free process, whole process of picking up and powder processing is carried out in the powder cleaning platform

    • Gas in the cabin is treated by multi-stage filtration and adsorption to achieve harmless discharge

What Can EP-S600 Print?

Arm Protectors

Machine: EP-S600

Process: Polymer Powder Bed Fusion(PPBF)

Material: PP

Size: 148×100×65mm

Printing time: 8h

Application: Healthcare

Arm Protectors

Technical Specifications

Machine ModelEP-S600
Building Volume420 x 380 x 600 mm
Dimension2480 x 1415 x 2160 mm
MaterialPP and its composites
Machine Weight1600 kg
Scanning SpeedMax. 15 m/s
Max. Chamber Temperature130 °C
Power SupplyAC 380 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 16 A, 6.5 kW
Layer Thickness0.1 - 0.3 mm
Laser PowerCO2 Laser, 50 W and 120 W optional
OS System SupportWindows 7/ Windows 10
Thermal Field ControlIndependent four-zone temperature control system
Temperature RegulationContinuous real-time building surface temperature monitoring
Control SoftwareEPControl, EPHatch
Output Data FormatSTL .OBJ .STEP or other convertible file

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