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Eplus3D Additive Manufacturing With Copper

3D printing Copper is an ideal material for many industries, including electronics and tooling.

Eplus3D's 3D printing copper powder include  CuCrZr and CuSn. These 3D printing copper powders have been tested for use on Eplus3D's metal 3D printers. Eplus3D also offers a wide range of validated processes for each of the above materials to ensure that the performance of the 3D printed parts is fully met.

Eplus3D CopperAlloy CuSn

Parts printed using Eplus3D CopperAlloy CuSn have a favorable combination of electrical and thermal conductivity combined with good mechanical properties.

Typical Part Properties:

Density: 8.5 (g/cm³)

Tensile Strength: XY: 490±30 MPa; Z: 380±20 MPa

Yield strength: XY: 400±40 MPa; Z: 340±30 MPa

Elongation @ Break 17±4%

Hardness: 74±4HRC

Typical application areas:




Heat exchangers

Eplus3D CopperAlloy CuSn

Eplus3D Copper Additive Manufacturing Machines :

Eplus3D's Copper Additive Manufacturing Machines, comprising the EP-M450, EP-M300 metal laser 3D printing machine, EP-M260, and EP-M150 precision metal additive manufacturing, represent a pioneering advancement in the realm of metal 3D printing technologies. These cutting-edge machines are engineered to utilize copper as the primary material, enabling the production of intricate and high-performance copper parts with exceptional precision and reliability.

The EP-M450 stands out as a flagship model, renowned for its large build volume and advanced laser sintering capabilities, making it ideal for industrial-scale production of complex copper components. The EP-M300 metall 3d printer offers similar functionality on a smaller scale, catering to a broader range of applications. The EP-M260 and EP-M150 further diversify Eplus3D's product line, providing versatile options for businesses seeking to leverage copper additive manufacturing for customized parts and prototypes.

Overall, Eplus3D's Copper Additive Manufacturing Machines signify a significant leap forward in metal 3D printing, empowering industries to unlock new possibilities in product design, prototyping, and manufacturing with copper materials.

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