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Eplus3D Additive Manufacturing With Cobalt Chrome

Cobalt Chrome powder is an ideal material for many industries, including aerospace and automotive.

The Eplus3D Cobalt Chrome powder has been tested for use on Eplus3D's metal 3D printers. Eplus3D also offers a wide range of validated processes for the above materials to ensure that the performance of the 3D printed parts is fully met.

Eplus3D F75 Cobalt Chrome POWDER/ 2.4979

Parts printed using Eplus3D F75 POWDER/ 2.4979 have good corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures plus are nickel-free and show a fine, uniform crystal grain structure.

Eplus3D Cobalt Chrome Powder Typical Part Properties:

Density: 8.3 (g/cm³)

Tensile Strength: XY:1310±20 MPa; Z:1010±30 MPa

Yield strength: XY:1030±20 MPa; Z:790±30 MPa

Elongation @ Break: 6±2%

Hardness: 38±5HRC

Eplus3D Cobalt Chrome Powder Typical application areas:



We have also developed and certified several different dental alloys by world leading suppliers. Please reach out to us for more information!

Eplus3D F75 Cobalt Chrome POWDER/ 2.4979

Eplus3D Cobalt Chrome Powder Machines :

Eplus3D offers a range of high-quality 3D printers, including the EP-M450H, EP-M650 3D metal printing machine, EP-M450, and EP-M300 metal laser 3D printing machine, specially designed for working with Cobalt Chrome Powder. These cutting-edge printers integrate advanced technology to provide precise and efficient additive manufacturing capabilities. The EP-M450H and EP-M650 are well-suited for large-scale metal printing, while the EP-M450 and EP-M300 offer versatility for various production needs. With robust features and reliable performance, Eplus3D's Cobalt Chrome Powder 3D printers are an excellent choice for industries seeking top-notch solutions for metal additive manufacturing.

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