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Eplus3D Additive Manufacturing With PA12

Polyamide PA12 3D Printing Material is an ideal material for many industries, including Injection Molding.

These PA12 3D Printing have been tested for use on Eplus3D's SLS 3D printers. Eplus3D also offers a wide range of validated processes for the above PA12 3D printing materials to ensure that the performance of the 3D printed parts is fully met.

Eplus3D Polyamide PA12 3D Printing Material

Eplus3D PA12 3D Printing Material is made from fine polyamide powder. Compared to traditional 3D printed plastic material, PA12 3D printing material is waterproof and has excellent resistance to chemicals such as alcohol, fuels, detergents and oil. Most importantly, Eplus3D PA12 3D Printing Material is very suitable for high temperature use.

Eplus3D  PA12 3D Printing Material Typical Part Properties:

Tensile Strength: 46 MPa

Tensile Modulus: 1000 MPa

Elongation @ Break: 25 %

Eplus3D  PA12 3D Printing Material Typical application areas:

Injection Molding

Eplus3D Polyamide PA12 3D Printing Material

Eplus3D PA12 3D Printing Machines :

Eplus3D's PA11 3D Printing Machines, encompassing the EP-P420 SLS nylon printer, EP-C5050 wax 3D printer, and EP-C7250 sand 3D printer, offer a versatile spectrum of additive manufacturing solutions. The utilization of PA12, a premium polyamide powder, in their printing materials is a testament to Eplus3D's commitment to innovative and high-performance 3D printing capabilities. Renowned for its exceptional properties, PA12 exhibits waterproof characteristics, as well as remarkable resistance to various chemicals, including alcohol, fuels, detergents, and oil. This makes it an optimal choice for applications requiring durability and resilience in challenging environments.

Furthermore, the PA12 material's capacity for high-temperature use significantly expands the scope of potential applications, catering to industries such as aerospace, automotive, and industrial manufacturing. Eplus3D's EP-P420 SLS nylon printer harnesses the unique properties of PA12 to produce precise and durable nylon parts, while the EP-C5050 wax 3D printer excels in creating intricate wax models for jewelry and dental applications. The EP-C7250 sand 3D printer further extends the versatility of PA12 by offering high-precision sand molds and cores for foundry and casting applications. Collectively, Eplus3D's PA11 3D Printing Machines, leveraging the exceptional PA12 material, underscore their commitment to delivering cutting-edge additive manufacturing solutions across diverse industries.

Eplus3D Polyamide 12 Filled With Aluminum

Aluminum-filled nylon powder is a mixture of nylon powder and aluminum powder, printed by SLS technology. Because it is reinforced nylon, it has excellent durability and physical properties. It is the best choice for parts which need good mechanical properties and high temperature resistance.

Typical Part Properties:

Tensile Strength 48 MPa

Tensile Modulus 3800MPa

Elongation at Break 4 %

Melting temperature (20°C/min)  172-180°C

Softening temperature 169 °C

Typical application areas:

Injection Molding

Eplus3D Polyamide 12 Filled With Aluminum
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