Clothing and shoes are the necessities in everyone's life, and people's diversified and personalized needs for clothing are gradually increasing. With the development of technology, the production of clothing has also been injected with new elements, that is, through 3D printing to make clothing. The emergence of 3D printing clothing has met people's personalized needs and also brought infinite possibilities of creation for the 3D printing industry.

3D Printing in Garment Industry---Unlimited Creative Possibilities

Eplus3D, as the first 3D printing shoes partner in the China market, would also like to participate in the progress of garment industry in 3D printing. With the development and maturity of 3D printing, this technology has added a lot of imagination space for clothing design.


3D printing is made up of voxels, so it can solve color changes under volume content.


3D printing technology is to realize the three-dimensional effect through different levels of layered printing. Many of its exaggerated shapes break through the original design principle, and show the endless imagination by highlighting the structural modeling of a certain part and different design elements.


Resin, silicone, plastic, fiber and other materials are usually used in the production process of 3D printing clothing. The designer integrates the special texture effect of these special materials with technology, and combines a variety of materials to create a futuristic art fashion.


3D printers have the characteristics of "getting what you want", which can not only turn designers' abstract design ideas into real works, but also make highly complex shapes.


3D printing has opened up a new era of personalized customization, allowing consumers to participate in product design, meet the diversified needs of consumers, and provide efficient and convenient personalized customization services.

More and more designers begin to pay attention to the influence of science and technology and use 3D printing, laser cutting and digital printing technology to create fashionable products. The innovation of new materials and the integration of traditional fabrics will bring more new breakthroughs for clothing design. Welcome to contact Eplus3D for more tailored AM solutions.