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The Importance of Post-processing for 3D Printing to Achieve Mass Production

Company News 21,Jul,2022

Most parts printed by 3D printer cannot be used directly, but require various degrees of post-processing, such as cleaning up the residual powder, heat treatment, separation and machine work etc. Post-processing process needs to be matched to the printing material, printing technique, and part geometry, and sometimes multiple different techniques can be used to post-process one part.

Automation Trends in Post-processing

Although there are many types of post-processing process for 3D printed parts that seem difficult to operate, in fact, many post-processing process used in traditional machining fields are equally effective for 3D printed parts. The challenge for 3D printing post-processing process is how to scale and automate post-processing to support the use of additive manufacturing in volume production, as the mainstream technology transit from low-volume prototyping to mass part production.

Efficient, automated post-processing is not just a need for speed, quality repeatability and consistency are equally important attributes. Data-driven and intelligent software is the key to efficient and automated 3D printing post-processing.

From the perspective of part post-processing, it is important to find a suitable combination of post-processing processes to meet the end user's requirements for surface quality and mechanical properties of parts. A good understanding of the entire production process chain including 3D printing and post-processing processes, helps to find the most cost-effective manufacturing solutions for 3D printed parts.

Recently, our partner Advanced Alloys & Manufacturing MB is printing with Eplus3D metal AM machine EP-M300 using INCONEL 718. Apart from removing this part from the building platform using their wire cutting machine, no post processing procedure was applied, which is not only related with parts shape, but also has high requirements for the printing machine.  

Eplus3D is dedicated to explore more about post-processing to help our customers to streamline production workflow, welcome to contact Eplus3D for more details.

Metal Additive Manufacturing System EP-M300

EP-M300 is a marvelous metal 3D printer that makes the production of reliable and high quality large metallic parts viable on industrial scale, with 500W/1000W single or dual laser optional, an ideal choice for big sized parts and batch production efficiently.

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