Before 3D printing technology, it was very difficult and complicated to make figures with traditional craftsmanship, so the price was generally very expensive. In recent years, with the popularization of 3D printing technology, the production of figures has changed from traditional manual production to intelligent production. The advantages of 3D printing can avoid the cost and cycle of figures. After 3D modeling, a high-quality figure with extremely high precision can be obtained in just a few hours, which is suitable for small batch production and personalized customization, and the comprehensive cost is also lower.

What are the advantages of 3D printed figures?

The 3D-printed figures can be customized, and you can print your favorite game characters, game props, and anime characters with unique characteristics.

Very textured. The ones bought on the market are produced in batches, and the use of 3D printers can produce a single piece of fashionable, limited-edition figure, with a stronger sense of luxury.

The use of 3D printing to manufacture figures is fast and efficient, and the character of the figure has high precision and good texture.

The overall cost is lower. Compared with open mold and pure hand-made, 3D printing is not only efficient but also lower in cost.

3D Printing Figures

Cartoon figure before coloring

Resin 3D printer is the most common production process for figures. Because of the characteristics of resin materials, it is very suitable for expressing details and character structures. Compared with other materials, the best material for 3D printing is SLA photosensitive resin materials, which are affordable, easy to color, and feel good on hand with a smooth surface and high precision.

3D Printing Figures

SLA facility

If the figure does not exceed the maximum of the 3D printer building chamber, the whole figure can also be printed directly, thus eliminating the need for assembly. Large figures can be disassembled for printing and then assembled.

The demand in the figure market is increasing. After the intervention of 3D printing as a technical tool, it is very beneficial to the production of small batch figures and some individual studios, so more and more people accept and try it. Welcome to contact Eplus3D to print more unique figures.