2022 is absolutely a fruitful year of Eplus3D. After Launching 9-laser metal AM machine EP-M1250, grand opening ceremony for Germany Subsidiary and the 1st global partner meeting, during 15-18th in Frankfurt, Eplus3D has presented at Formnext 2022 in an effort to demonstrate the immense possibilities of Eplus3D one-stop metal additive manufacturing solutions.   


 Eplus3D staff at Formnext 2022

Whats the new elements of Eplus3D at Formnext 2022?



Eplus3D EP-M1250 banner at the Entry Hall 12.0


Has anyone discovered Eplus3D banner at the Hall 12.0’s entry which shows Eplus3D 9-laser machine and its high productivity?  


Productive and Flexible Metal AM Machine EP-M260


This year, Eplus3D has presented High Efficiency & Scale Production metal AM machine EP-M260. The EP-M260 is an industrial grade metal 3D printer that uses advanced metal powder bed fusion (MPBF) technology, which is an ideal choice for medium sized parts and small batch production and can be applied in automotive, aerospace, machinery and energy, oil & gas industries.


EP-M260 metal 3D printer


High Quality Parts


A number of metal parts manufactured by Eplus3D metal systems for the aerospace, automotive, tooling, medical and energy, oil & gas industries have also been presented on site.


Eplus3D metal parts


The most attractive one is the tallest part right in the middle of Eplus3D booth, which is printed by Eplus3D newly launched 9-laser machine EP-M1250. It is a rocket compartment printed in IN718, with size 630 x 630 x 1100 mm3 and applied in aerospace & aviation industry.  



Visitors curious about the tallest part


Newly Launched 9-laser and 2 Cubic Meters of Print Volume


Using MPBF (Metal Powder Bed Fusion) technology, the EP-M1250 is using a 1258 x 1258 x 1350 mm build envelope and 9-laser systems to ensure a high efficiency production. The precise positioning and innovative area splicing control technology offers uniformity and stability throughout the whole printing phase.



EP-M1250 metal 3D printer



Eplus3D booth surrounded by visitors


Eplus3D Engineers demonstrate the full potential of Eplus3D solutions to visitors


Through this great exhibition, Eplus3D has gained deeper insight about the latest 3D printing development and trends in the 3d printing industry as well as finding more opportunities to reach the wider market, and will surely attend Formnext 2023 to meet more fabulous thoughts and ideas.


Formnext 2023


Eplus3D is concentrating on the research and development of multi-laser and large- format laser powder bed fusion metal 3d printer for high productivity manufacturing, which will increase the potential for multi-metre metallic part development greatly and achieve peak productivity for aerospace & aviation, automotive and energy, oil & gas industries.  


So next year, Eplus3D may show you multi-laser and large-format metal AM machine.


EP-M450H Print Over 1 Meter High


With a building chamber size of 456 x 456 x 1080 mm³, Eplus3D introduces EP-M450H to the successful line of MPBF 3D printers. The new EP-M450H is a marvelous metal printer that makes the production of reliable and high quality large metallic parts viable on industrial scale without requiring any tools.


EP-M450H metal 3D printer


EP-M650 Quad Laser for High Speed


Using MPBF (Metal Powder Bed Fusion) technology, the EP-M650 is using a 655 x 655 x 800 mm³ build envelope and quad laser systems to ensure a high efficiency printing production. The precise positioning and innovative area splicing control technology hereby offers uniformity and stability throughout the whole printing phase. The system can operate with various metal powders such as Titanium, Aluminum and Nickel-based alloys, Die Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome Cobalt Alloys and other materials. It is suitable for the direct manufacturing of large-size, high-precision and high-performance parts in the aerospace, aviation, automotive and energy, oil & gas industries.




EP-M650 metal 3D printer


About Eplus3D

Founded in 2014, Eplus3D is committed to develop and produce industrial 3D printing systems for direct manufacturing. To enable easy, user friendly and affordable production systems, Eplus3D offers a comprehensive landscape of additive process chains that help to create valuable business cases for its customers all around the world from various industries such as aerospace & aviation, medical, automotive, machinery, tooling, energy oil & gas, etc.