Eplus3D, the leading manufacturer of metal 3D printers, has added a new metal 3D printer to its quad-laser series by officially launching a new metal AM machine EP-M400. This new machine is a marvelous metal printer designed for higher productivity, more cost-effective and faster industrial production.

 Eplus3D Launched Its New Quad-Laser Metal Powder Bed Fusion Machine EP-M400 to Achieve Higher Throughput and Cost-Efficient

EP-M400 Metal 3D Printer

Available in a single, dual or quad-laser configuration, EP-M400 has a standard build chamber of 405 x 405 x 450 mm ((height incl. build plate), making it well suited to a wide variety of metal AM applications with minimum investment. With Eplus3D unique wind field design and multi-laser scanning strategy, EP-M400 is able to ensure high standard and consistency of part performance while achieving high production efficiency.


EP-M400 can support a wide range of materials, including nickel-based alloys, tool steels, die steels, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, copper alloys, etc. Its open system allows customers to customize and adjust parameters to develop a dedicated application parameter package.


Based on EP-M650 and EP-M1250 multi-laser series, the introduction of EP-M400 is another example of how Eplus3D continues to combine the features of MPBF metal 3d printing and innovation technology to establish a new level of cost and performance for metal additive manufacturing.


Eplus3D aims to further expand the application of multi-laser metal 3D printing in multiple industries. EP-M400 is tailored to customers who are expecting to expand their business on large metal printing or starting their entry into metal 3D printing. With quad laser but lower cost, we are sure EP-M400 can be the right choice for your tailored multi-laser metal AM solutions!


About Eplus3D

Founded in 2014, Eplus3D is committed to develop and produce industrial 3D printing systems for direct manufacturing. To enable easy, user friendly and affordable production systems, Eplus3D offers a comprehensive landscape of additive process chains that help to create valuable business cases for its customers all around the world from various industries.