During 3D printing process, many people find the edge warping when they get the final product after post processing. If we want to solve this problem well, the reason needs to be known first, then we can take the right ways to solve this problem, in order to achieve the accuracy of the 3D printed parts as possible as we can.

How to Avoid Warping Issue in 3D Printing

Perfectly printed Mascot Rabbit by EP-M260

Ways for metal 3d printing to avoid warping

Ameliorate the model

Modify the shape of the bottom to increase the adhesion which can reduce the edge warping.

Improve the strength and density of the support

By strengthening the strength and density of the support at the parts that are prone to warping, in order to hold the part. Because the internal stress is constantly released during the printing process.

Necessary heat treatment

There will release a few of internal stress in the printing process, so the heat treatment of metal parts is a necessary treatment step, which can effectively prevent the edge warping.

Try different printing placement

Because of the particularity of some model designs, for example suspended design, it is necessary to choose other printing placement options to avoid warping.

Plastic thermal expansion and cold contraction is the main reason for edge warping in the printing process. When cooling, the plastic squeezed from the nozzle shrinks, causing the edges or ends to turn up and separate from the platform. There are some ways for polymer 3D printing to avoid warping.

Widen the line width of the first layer

Because the wider the line width, the more material will be extruded from the extrusion hole, and the extrusion force of plastic and printing platform will become stronger, which can also reduce the phenomenon of edge warping.

Application of adhesive

Such as PVP solid glue, anti-warping edge film, glue can bring very good adhesion, can immediately daub to the hot bed platform.

If the above method is used, printing edge phenomenon still appeared, then we need to consider a basic question: is the leveling successful? Because we can never successfully print a evenly balanced model on an uneven platform. The above method is the trick to improve the printing success rate based on the success of leveling, and leveling success is an important factor to determine whether the whole printing process will encounter trouble.

Above are some common and easy ways to prevent warping. However, different 3D printers in different environments may result in different printing warping conditions. There are many reasons for warping, we can analyze the causes of warping in detail, and adopt corresponding methods to avoid warping. Welcome to contact EPLUS3D for more solutions and thoughts about warping issues and 3d printing.