Metal 3D printer is increasingly used in the medical industry, especially in surgical instruments. This technology can print high-precision, complex-shaped instruments. At present, metal 3D printer has been widely used in the manufacture of surgical instruments in the following aspects:


Orthopedic implants: metal 3D printer can print complex-shaped orthopedic implants. These implants can be customized according to the specific situation of the patient, which can better fit the patient's anatomy and reduce the risk of surgery. Applied additive orthopedic implants include artificial joints, pedicle screws, etc.




Surgical instruments: based on physicians' specific requirements, metal AM 3D printer could print customized specification of pliers, clips, and wrenches, which require high-precision and complex-shape to improve surgical precision and safety.



Dental Implants:  dental implants and crowns can be customized printed with metal 3D printer according to the specific situation of the patient, which is more suitable for the oral structure of the patient and improves the treatment effect. Take Eplus3D's EP-M150 Dental for example, it's a specialized dental 3D printer and it only takes around 5.5 hrs to print a full plate of teeth (around 220 crowns) , around 8 hrs to print a full plate of partials (around 25 pcs).



Otolaryngology instruments: metal 3D printer can print out otolaryngology instruments, such as ear implants, artificial ossicle chains, etc. These devices can be printed according to the detailed specific situation of the patient, which is more suitable for the patient's condition.




In short, metal 3D printer has broad application prospects in the medical industry, more surgical instruments will be printed out with this technology in the future. If you are seeking for effective and long-term medical instruments solutions, feel free to drop us a line.