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Another Dental Metal 3D Printer from Eplus3D was installed in Europe

Company News 26,Aug,2021

In August 2021, Eplus3D has installed another Dental Metal 3D Printer EP-M150 in North Macedonia, Southeast Europe. This dental metal 3D printer will be used by a dental lab to print bridges, crowns and partial frameworks, etc.

Engineer from Eplus3D with customers from a dental lab

3D-printed dental metal parts

3D printing technology has affected many industries, among which medical fields benefit the most, including dentistry. With 3D printing, the design data will be transferred to 3D printers directly, without any demands on tools, which means the only tool required by a manufacturer is the 3D printer itself. This also means that customization can be achieved with 3D printing technology without any additional cost. As a result, the dental industry is undergoing a rapid transition from traditional industry to digital manufacturing with 3D printing technology, bringing with advantages of high precision, high quality and low cost.

Eplus3D Dental Metal 3D Printer EP-M150 can professionally print dental metal crowns, bridges, brackets with improved powder feeding and sieving system enables a high material utilization rate, which is more than 550 crowns printed only by 1kg powder Optimized chamber structure and excellent sealing properties minimize gas consumption <0.2L/min(printing period is 0.3±0.1MPa).

It has four major features:


l It only takes around 5.5hrs to print a full plate of teeth around 220 crowns), around 6.5hrs to print a full plate of partials (around 15 pcs.)


l Improved powder feeding and sieving system enables a high material utilization rate:approx. 550 crowns printed only by 1 kg powder.

l Optimized chamber structure and excellent sealing proper-ties minimize gas consumption:gas consumption <0.2 L/min (printing period).


l “One-click printing” makes sure people can operate the EP-M150 very easily.

l Optimized structure design allows easier maintenance.


l Safety design, anti-misoperation, anti-electric shock, fire prevention, anti-waste, anti-pollution 

l Real -time monitoring and traceable of working environment and gas sources status ,safe and reliable.

Eplus3D’s metal 3D printers have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, etc. and its dental metal 3D printer EP-M150 has been more and more popular worldwide. With 3D printers and 3D printing technology, we are sure it will help to produce more customized products in a faster and more cost-effective way, helping more companies to provide more products with higher quality in a shorter time. 

Eplus3D Dental Metal 3D Printer EP-M150

Eplus3D Dental Metal 3D Printer EP-M150

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