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What can we Expect from the Combination of 3D Printing and Medical Treatment?

News 09,Dec,2021

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a rapid prototyping technology. Based on a 3D digital model, and through the use of various powder materials, this technology can be used to quickly form a high-performance, high-quality physical object. At present, with the development of the 3D printing industry, its applications are also expanding.

In terms of medical treatment, 3D printing can give full play to its characteristics of high printing efficiency, high precision, customization, etc., to quickly manufacture medical appliances such as surgical instruments, implants and preoperative models. The application of 3D printing in the medical field can enable the medical industry to enter into a new stage and achieve greater success. However, what can we expect the most from the combination of 3D printing and medical treatment?

First of all, the creation of human organs and limbs is undoubtedly the most anticipated. Because for modern medical treatment, it is not easy to find an organ that can replace the patient's disease. At the same time, there is also such a big obstacle to organ transplantation. However, if 3D printing can directly produce organs and prostheses that meet the requirements of the human body, this will bring good news to all patients. At present, organs and limbs created by 3D printing have appeared, and they have been adopted by clinical experiments and applications. In some developed countries, some patients have already been using 3D printed prostheses; at the same time, some top companies in the industry have already been developing 3D printed human cell tissue, which is expected to provide a great boost to the medical field in the future.

Human implants printed by Eplus3D metal 3D printers

Secondly, 3D printing is very mature in the dental industry. In the United States, 3D printing has been commercialized in the dental field. Many related companies are already using 3D printing technology to mass produce dental molds, and the number of production can reach 50,000 per day. In response to the needs of the dental market, Eplus3D independently developed and produced the dental metal 3D printer EP-M150 which is dedicated to the dental industry. The EP-M150 dental metal printer has a building volume of φ150x80mm, capable of titanium and CoCr Printing. There are over 100 dental labs worldwide who are benefiting from our metal 3D printers. The machine is widely applied in the dental industry such as crowns& bridges, partial frameworks, implants and so on.

Parts printed by Eplus3D dental metal 3D printer EP-M150

According to statistics, 3D printing in the global medical industry can continue to develop, and the scale is expected to reach 8.9 billion yuan by 2022. However, there are still some obstacles to the application of 3D printing in medical treatment. In addition to technical problems, there are also material and cost issues. Therefore, Eplus3D is still strengthening the research and development of technology, looking for more solutions to effectively reduce the cost of equipment and materials to ensure that the printed medical products are sufficiently safe, stable and applicable.

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