Compared with the traditional manufacturing technology, additive manufacturing as an emerging manufacturing technology, is based on digital model and stacking material to produce physical goods layer by layer, which reflects the close combination of network information technology, advanced material technology and digital manufacturing technology.

The emergence of additive manufacturing technology, due to its advantages of achieving high-performance and complex structure parts without mold, fast, full density near net forming, it has brought new solutions to solve the key problems such as complex structure optimization design, rapid design verification, rapid manufacturing of small batch parts and rapid customer response.

Especially in the production of small batch customized products and structural complex parts, the cost advantage of additive manufacturing is very large.

Design cost:

Additive manufacturing does not need a special mold, only the corresponding 3D design can be printed and manufactured. And if the necessary design adjustments need to be made to print the new parts, it can almost immediately prove that the updated design fits in or not.

Time cost:

The production cycle of the product is greatly shortened, and it takes less time to complete the integrated printing and manufacturing of complex products.

Labor cost:

The cost of labor is also greatly reduced, it usually requires one person to operate the machine.

Material cost:

Compared with the traditional material removal and cutting technology, additive manufacturing can significantly reduce the waste of materials by stacking materials layer by layer.

Storage cost:

Additive manufacturing gives you a virtual inventory. Save the part information in the cloud and print on demand, which leads to no need of warehouse space and piles of discarded parts.

Cost Advantages of Additive Manufacturing

Exhaust pipe designed directly by EPLUS3D engineer team and printed by EP-M260

In conclusion, additive manufacturing has been widely used in high-end customized production, equipment research and development industries, will have more opportunities in other traditional manufacturing industries in the future. Welcome to contact EPLUS3D for more AM solutions.