In recent years, industrial 3D printing technology has been applied in many aspects of automobile manufacturing. Especially in the automotive industry such as car factories, parts manufacturers and after-sales service providers are all benefited from the technology.

Design Freedom

Compared with traditional manufacturing technologies, 3D printing technology is more inclusive of different design schemes. Therefore, designers have more freedom to create complex designs and can focus more on the design itself. This advantage of improving the ability to meet the needs of individualization and lightweight customization brings a better experience to end customers. In addition, thanks to the advantages of rapid prototyping by 3D printing technology, the time and cost that originally needed to be spent on verifying the design will also be saved. In this way, the speed of product iteration is further improved and the competitiveness of auto companies' own products in the market is continuously improved.

Optimization of Production

The biggest advantage of metal 3D printing technology is the direct manufacture of complex structures. Breaking away from the limitations of traditional processing methods, body tooling and metal parts of various parts of the vehicle can be directly produced while meeting technical requirements and customer needs, simplifying the production process and improving production efficiency. In addition, the integration and small batch production of metal 3D printing technology can greatly improve production efficiency and expand production capacity. This enables the automotive industry to shorten lead times and enhance its own order delivery capabilities.

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