Innovation and Success: Eplus3D provides tailored Metal AM Solutions to Bioprotece and Fit3D for Revolutionizing Implant Manufacturing

In April 2023, Eplus3D, the leading manufacturer of metal 3D printers, announced the launch of its latest addition to their multi-laser Metal AM machine lineup, the EP-M400 quad-laser Metal AM machine. This release further solidifies Eplus3D's position in the market. With over 30 years of experience in additive manufacturing, Eplus3D's AM machines have made significant strides in various industries, revolutionizing production processes for numerous manufacturers.


Thanks to a strategic partnership with Tecmahe, a renowned industrial solution provider in Argentina, Eplus3D has embarked on a significant collaboration with Bioprotece and Fit3D, an exceptional manufacturer of captivating implantable prostheses. With over 24 years of professional experience, Bioprotece and Fit3D has transformed the lives of countless patients through their innovative prosthetic solutions.

Innovation and Success: Eplus3D provides tailored Metal AM Solutions to Bioprotece and Fit3D for Revolutionizing Implant Manufacturing


Bioprotece and Fit3D has taken a significant leap forward in their manufacturing process by acquiring the state-of-the-art EP-M260 metal 3D printer from Eplus3D. This cutting-edge machine has enabled Bioprotece and Fit3D to offer custom-made prostheses with intricate structures that were previously unattainable.


One of the key features that sets EP-M260 apart is its ability to meet the stringent requirements of Bioprotece and Fit3D's super trabecular prosthesis structure in Argentina. These prostheses promote osseointegration and bone regeneration. EP-M260 has successfully met these precise demands, showcasing its impressive printing capabilities and exceptional quality.


To ensure the machine's ability to meet strict precision requirements, Eplus3D employs rigorous laser beam quality control during the metal powder melting process. Additionally, EP-M260 utilizes innovative gas flow management, an optimized filter system, and other advanced technologies developed by Eplus3D for their Metal AM machines.


Equipped with dual lasers and the capability to operate continuously, EP-M260 has significantly enhanced Bioprotece and Fit3D's production capabilities. This advancement has allowed the prosthesis manufacturer to offer faster turnaround times for tailored solutions, surpassing competitors in the market.


The collaboration between Eplus3D and Bioprotece and Fit3D holds great promise in helping more patients overcome their difficulties. With the rapid expansion of the metal AM industry and Eplus3D's continued advancements, we anticipate witnessing more profound collaborations that make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals in need.


About EP-M260

The EP-M260 is an industrial grade metal 3D printer that uses advanced metal powder bed fusion (MPBF) technology. It is capable of easily and quickly converting CAD data into high-performance, complex structure metal parts. The 3D printer is an ideal choice for medium sized parts and small batch production.


Innovation and Success: Eplus3D provides tailored Metal AM Solutions to Bioprotece and Fit3D for Revolutionizing Implant Manufacturing


About Bioprotece and Fit3D

Bioprotece and Fit3D is an Argentinean company specializing in the manufacturing of implantable medical prostheses. With an impressive track record spanning 23 years, Bioprotece and Fit3D has garnered extensive experience and established a strong presence in the market. Partnering with Fit3D (a subdivision of ipmagna), Bioprotece and Fit3D has enhanced its implant design capabilities, delivering highly personalized solutions of unmatched quality and precision.

About Tecmahe

Introducing Tecmahe - a leading-edge company with over 70 years of experience in the commercialization of cutting-edge machine tools. They hold significant influence as a provider of production solutions in Argentina. The strong technological exchange between Tecmahe and Eplus3D positions Tecmahe as an active participant in the growing 3D printing industry within Argentina and Latin America.

About Eplus3D

Eplus3D, founded in 2014, is dedicated to the development and production of industrial 3D printing systems for direct manufacturing. The company's primary objective is to create user-friendly, affordable, and efficient production systems. Eplus3D offers a comprehensive range of additive process chains that cater to customers worldwide across various industries. Their focus is on delivering valuable business solutions to their clients, facilitating the adoption of 3D printing technology in diverse applications.