Aerospace industry is known for innovation, which leads the development of technologies. And many emerging technologies appear in the aerospace industry, metal 3D printing is no exception, it has become a representative of emerging technology in the additive manufacturing in aerospace, and will become a mainstream in the near future.

Significant advantages of metal 3D printing in aerospace industry include: reduce cost and lead time, offer novel materials and unique design solutions, reduce weight of components through efficient & lightweight design and integrate multiple components to improve performance and reduce risk.

Fuel nozzle

Fuel nozzles of aircraft are small in size, but complex in structure and contain complex flow channels. Traditionally, they are disassembled into multiple parts and assembled separately, resulting in a long cycle and high cost.

Metal 3D printing manufactured the fuel nozzle directly and digitally using nickel-based alloy IN718, which can produce one fuel nozzle as shown in the picture every 36 hours.


25% lighter of weight, significantly improved flight efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

The parts are integrally formed, from the original 18 to only 1 now, no longer requiring cumbersome assembly.

Longer life with complex cooling channels and fabricated ties for up to 5 times durability.


Fuel supply

The bottom of the part has pipes with a diameter of 1mm evenly distributed, which is difficult to manufacture by traditional methods.

Eplus3D recommends 316L stainless steel metal 3D printing for customers for digital direct production.


Micro-details of fuel supply are easy to manufacture and have good mechanical properties.

After the fuel is sprayed and atomized at the bottom, the combustion efficiency is increased by nearly 7%.


Eplus3D believes that metal 3D printing will become an indispensable role in the aerospace industry in the future, and will also become a good helper to promote the development of the aerospace industry. Welcome to contact Eplus3D for more aerospace cases and solutions.