In metal 3D printing, the addition of support is essential. The correct support will make the printing much better.

What is the correct support for 3D printing? According to the characteristics of the model itself, generally, there are three types of support: full support, partial support, and no support.

Full support

1. The model structure is complex with a lot of components, the center of gravity is scattered, and does not show a certain regularity.

2. Some parts of the model are relatively slender, and with more suspended parts.

Partial support

As opposed to full support, partial support is supported at some point or part of the model. Part of the support is more applicable to the model that has a relatively large body or center of gravity, the structure is relatively single, and only some positions appear suspended at angles greater than 45 degrees.

No support

1. Suitable for the model of the overall cylindrical, conical or square shape, the chassis is relatively large.

2. To construct extremely simple models.

Tips for Metal 3D Printing Support

There are several functions of support as below:

1. Play the role of physical support. Braces can be used to secure the lower surface portion.

2. The residual stress that cannot be solved in machining design and placement can be offset by support, preventing parts from deformation, or machined parts from the substrate.

3. Powder is insulation. The support removes some of the heat from the lower surface area, which helps to prevent excessive melting, discoloration, and deformation of the powder on the lower surface.

Here are some tips for support:

1. The diameter of the hole is more than 8mm into its own support structure of the diamond hole.

2. Use rounded or chamfer corners to avoid tricky supports.

3. Rotate the parts to make the lower surface deviate from the direction of the scraper.

4. Process small structural features after the end of the additive manufacturing process.

5. When manually adding support, it is necessary to accurately locate the suspended part of the model, and the fulcrum should be supported to the center of gravity of the model, judge the angle of the suspended part and determine the position of adding support.