With the rapid development of 3D printing technology, the world is beginning to use this advanced manufacturing method to supplement the blank of CNC production. People in manufacturing know that traditional casting method takes about 45 days from getting the drawing to finishing the production, however, with 3D printing technology, a new casting can come out in less than a week. One of the early adopters and active drivers of 3D printing technology is the Aero industry as metal 3D printing technology provides a new solution for the manufacture of high-quality, high-strength aerospace parts.

1. Engine Components

Aero engine is one of the most important components and one of the areas where metal 3D printing is most commonly applied in Aero industry. Through metal 3D printing, complex shapes of turbine blades, gas nozzles and other key components can be produced. The metal powder machines allows high flexibility in the design of these parts, and complete parts can be manufactured in a few hours, significantly shortening the production cycle.


What Aero Components Can be Printed With Metal 3D Printer?

2. Structure Components

The manufacture of aircraft structural components is critical to aviation safety. Metal 3D printing could narrow the deviation thus manufacturing with higher accuracy and precision. Complex shapes of frames, brackets and connectors can be produced within tightly controlled, thus reducing material waste and providing higher strength and lighter designs than traditional manufacturing methods.

What Aero Components Can be Printed With Metal 3D Printer?


3. Internal Pipe

A reasonable network of aircraft Internal pipe guarantees its daily functioning. Metal 3D printer can produce pipes with complex internal structures for seamless connection and integration. This technology simplify parts quantity and stitching, improving overall system reliability and safety.


4. Interior Trim

Airlines raise the bar for cabin design and comfort. Metal 3D printing technology can be used to manufacture cabin trim parts such as seat accessories, trays and lockers. Metal 3D printer allows designers access more personalized creation according to the needs and preferences of passengers.


5. Sensor Bracket

Modern aircraft apply a large number of sensors to monitor various parameters and system status. Metal 3D printers can manufacture sensor brackets which can be accurately installed in the correct position, and provide a stable and reliable sensor installation environment.


6. Repair and Replacement Parts

The aviation industry has a high demand for repair and replacement parts. The metal 3D printer allows engineers to propose and conduct customized maintenance solutions so as to reduce downtime. With this technology, airlines can manufacture parts whenever they need them without having to rely on complex supply chains and long lead times.


7. Brake Components

The aircraft brake system is crucial to flight safety. Metal 3D printers can manufacture brake pads and brake discs with excellent wear resistance and high temperature stability, improving braking performance and life.


8. Fuel Nozzles

Fuel nozzles play an important role in the aircraft fuel supply system. Metal 3D printer can produce complex shapes fuel nozzles to improve fuel injection efficiency and combustion efficiency.

What Aero Components Can be Printed With Metal 3D Printer?


9. Electronic Equipment Casing

As the aviation industry's demand for wireless communication and avionics equipment increases, metal 3D printers realize the lightweight, high-strength electronic equipment to protect internal circuits and components.


10. Transmission System

The aircraft transmission system includes transmission shafts, gears and bearings, etc. Metal 3D printer output high-precision and high-strength transmission system parts, improving overall transmission efficiency and reliability.


In conclusion, metal 3D printing technology is widely used in aircraft components manufacturing and its manufacture output is being recognized by global airlines. Eplus3D has accumulated 30 years of experience in varied industries. Feel free to contact us for tailored metal 3D manufacturing solution.