Billions of people around the world rely on oil and energy industries. This high demand pushes market to find a better solution to reduce cost and improve efficiency. That’s why more and more oil&energy companies start to turn to metal 3D printing.

Why Oil Energy Companies Use Metal 3d Printing

1. Metal 3D printing can help to shorten production cycle.

Metal 3D printer can print products directly without any tools, fixtures or molds as required by traditional manufacturing. It can manufacture complex parts and shorten R&D cycle effectively. A product can be 3d-printed to a final part in hours, so designers can revise continuously to achieve perfect performance.

2. Metal 3D printing can help to produce complex parts by batches to improve product performance.

3D printing technology has shown obvious advantages on oil and energy industries. Compared to traditional manufacturing, 3D printing shows less cost and waste. In oil and energy industry with high-precision, high-strength and high-complexity requirements, multiple processes can be completed in one machine with metal 3d printing technology, which can solve productivity issues as well as improve product performance.

Take microresistivity imaging plate as an example, the abrasion performance of 3d-prinnted part can be improved by 6% compared to traditional manufacturing. Meanwhile, metal 3d printing can efficiently produce complex parts which are hard to be manufactured with traditional manufacturing method, such as various valves and multi-oil circuit module in hydraulic system of the instruments.

3. Metal 3D printing can produce large parts used in oil&energy industries quickly and efficiently.

It may take several months to print one large part with traditional manufacturing method. But with metal 3d printing technology, as it just needs to create CAD and then print directly, it may just need to take several days to produce one part. This can save a lot of time and energy.

Why Oil Energy Companies Use Metal 3d Printing

Part printed by Eplus3D metal 3D printers

Take all of these factors into consideration, Eplus3D 3D printing for oil and gas has developed its large metal AM systems EP-M450H and EP-M650. EP-M450H with a building chamber size of 455*455*1100 mm³ and EP-M650 with a building chamber size of 655 x 655 x 800 mm³, both of them can operate with different metal powders and are suitable for direct manufacturing in oil and energy industries.

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