As a leading metal printing manufacturing enterprise in the industry, Eplus3D has been committed to the R&D and production of MPBF machines.


As the most widely used technology in the industry, PBF-LB technology has been rapidly applied and developed in different industries. The development directions of MPBF 3D printing are as followed:


Research and development of metal powders: metal powder is the key for MPBF metal printing. In order to achieve higher printing accuracy, performance and quality, it is necessary to research and develop new metal powders and optimize the existing metal powder preparation process.


Upgrading and improvement of metal 3D printers: with the wide application of MPBF technology, the requirements for printers performance and printing efficiency are getting higher. In the future, it is important to continue upgrading 3D printers to improve printing speed, stability and reliability.


Simulation and control of the 3D printing process: by establishing an accurate simulation model, the flow behavior and physical characteristics of the metal powder during the printing process can be better understood, thereby optimizing the printing process and improving printing quality and stability.


Eplus3D's advanced MPBF printing process:



Research on material melting and solidification mechanism: the melting and solidification mechanism is the core matter of MPBF 3D printing technology. In the future, it means a lot to strengthen the research on the melting and solidification mechanism of materials, to further optimize printing parameters, and to improve printing quality and performance.




Integrate multiple processes: future research will also explore the integration of MPBF 3D printing technology with other manufacturing processes, such as heat treatment, surface treatment, etc., to achieve higher printing parts' quality and performance.


Eplus3D has relevant technology research and development and investment in the mentioned aspects. Contact us to keep one step ahead in the field.