With the further development and maturity of intelligent manufacturing, new technologies and materials have been widely used in the field of manufacturing, and 3D printing has also been pushed to a higher level, playing an active role in the field of education. 3D printing is the best tool for cultivating students' creative thinking and independent innovation ability. It enables students' imagination to become reality without restriction.

3D Printing Helps Students Turn Innovative Ideas into Reality in a Faster Way

In biology class, students can print cells, viruses, organs, and other biological samples, to have a closer look of these samples and better remember it.

In mathematics class, students can visualize geometric models and understand structures, 3D printing makes difficult mathematics vivid and interesting.

In physics class, bridges can be printed to test the gravity of bridges with different structures.

In the field of professional design education, students can carry out course learning and experimental design, such as architecture, medicine, automotive engineering and graphic design etc. In mechanical and industrial design, 3D printers can directly create product models and parts with complex structure, fine size and special performance.

3D Printing Will Subvert the Traditional Education Model

3D printers can make boring lessons come alive. It is a way of learning that has both visual and tactile senses. In tactile learning, students are not simply looking at words or graphics on a blackboard or monitor, but grasp the 3D model of the core concept through their sense of touch, which can absorb and digest the knowledge, so that the students will not forget the lessons they have learned.

3D Printing Technology Will Continue to Play a Role in the Education Industry in the Future

The introduction of 3D printers into the classroom can enable students to train in innovation and practical ability, turn students' creativity and imagination into reality, and greatly develop students' ability, thereby realizing the reform of school training methods. It is believed that in the near future, more and more schools will introduce 3D printers to help students learn and innovate.

Teachers and professors from Yıldız Technical University have once visited our metal 3D printer EP-M150Pro and exchanged information about academic studies with our partner Form Additive. It is our priority as a company to participate in projects in university R&D studies and share our latest AM technology with our customers for a long-term success.

3D Printing in Education and Academic Research

About EP-M150Pro Metal 3D Printer

EP-M150Pro adopts patented MPBF™(Metal Powder Bed Fusion)to produce high performance, high accuracy and high details parts at large scale. The machine is capable of optional single/dual laser system, and 200/500W laser source for different production requirements. The available materials are Aluminum alloy, Titanium alloy, Inconel alloy, Maraging steel, Stainless steel, CoCr, Copper alloy and so on. It is suitable for consumer applications, such as education and academic research.

3D Printing in Education and Academic Research