Metal 3D Printing has been widely applied in healthcare industry, including custom implants, dentistry, surgery preparation and medical education, etc.


Advantages of Metal 3D Printing in Healthcare Industry:

1. Cost-effective: metal 3D printing technology is becoming more cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for the mass production of medical devices and implants.

2. Shortening production times: metal 3D printing can shorten the lead times required to produce medical devices and implants.

3. Manufacturing efficiency improvement: metal 3D printing can simplify manufacturing process, so as to reduce errors and improve quality control.

4. Reducing infection risk: custom implants can reduce infection risks of patients.

5. Design freedom: metal 3D printing allows maximum design freedom and complexity, which is able to create complex design and internal structure.


Challenges of Metal 3D Printing in Healthcare Industry:

1. Professionalism: metal 3D printing requires operators to be trained first, which may need more time and cost comparing to traditional method.

2. Material restriction: although wide materials have been applied with metal 3D printing, but there are still some materials which cannot be used with metal 3D printing

3. Quality control: manufacturing with metal 3D printing requires higher quality control, especially when the materials are new and still under testing.

4. Size limit: the size of custom implants will be limited by the size of metal 3D printer.


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