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The Application of SLS 3D Printing in Aerospace

News 06,Jan,2022

SLS technology is primarily used for prototyping, and it is also increasingly used for functional component testing as well as production applications.  

The aerospace industry has already adopted SLS 3D printing technology to manufacture aircraft internal interiors. Some airline companies have started to use 3D printing to produce aircraft cabin components. For example, they used SLS technology and flame-retardant nylon to produce video surveillance shields which have been installed on aircraft for in-flight testing.  

In addition, the components using SLS technology and printed with special specifications of powder have been used for aerodynamic development in wind tunnels, as well as for a variety of cores and complex parts.

As SLS enables high performance and fast printing ability of various aircraft components, from cabin interiors to functional components, we can say that SLS will bring a huge potential in the aerospace for customized and small batch production of lightweight parts. 

Eplus3D, as a Chinese leading manufacturer for AM 3D printers and technology with 25 years’ experience, has developed a SLS 3D printer specialized for aerospace application: EP-P420. With the features of high performance, high efficiency and user friendly, it is an ideal choice for manufacturing of medium & large size parts for customized products and small batch production. 

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