With the advent of the Industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry is changing gradually.

As more and more companies realize the benefits of additive manufacturing, especially the metal additive manufacturing, this technology has been developed significantly in recent years. Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, metal additive manufacturing supports the designs with higher complexity and it can combine several parts into one piece with more functions, lower cost and lighter weight.

Since metal additive manufacturing are built layer by layer by placing materials only where needed, there is little raw material waste from additive manufacturing, making it a green and highly circular technology. With the widespread application, metal additive manufacturing has helped traditional manufacturing to update the manufacturing methods, to reduce the waste of materials and energy, and helped to protect the environment, which is more aligned with the theme of green development.

There is a very obvious trend that metal additive manufacturing is maturing. Advances in hardware, software, materials and applications indicate that metal additive manufacturing is becoming another major manufacturing technology in addition to traditional processes such as casting and forging. The adoption rate of metal additive manufacturing will increase over time, and some market segments such as dentistry has almost completely switched to additive manufacturing. The growing awareness of metal additive manufacturing and its benefits will facilitate this growth.

When it comes to the future of metal additive manufacturing technology, it is clear that it will win a main place in the competition with traditional crafts such as casting and forging, and will even replace traditional manufacturing craftsmanship in the manufacturing industry in the future, as metal additive manufacturing allows manufacturers to conceive new and more innovative products, which meets the needs of future development.

Future of Metal Additive Manufacturing

Super-alloy Fuel Nozzle (printed by Eplus3D Metal 3D printer)