Compared with traditional manufacturing methods, metal 3D printing mold manufacturing has several advantages, including more complex geometric shapes, rapid manufacturing and customization. When printing molds, following items need to be taken into consideration:




Strength and hardness:  the mold needs sufficient strength and hardness capability to carry the pressure during the processing, so as to guarantee the mold's life cycle.


Wear resistance:  It's unavoidable that the mold would be in touch with other material, that's why it requires the material with a certain level of wear resistance.


Corrosion Resistance:  In the processing of the molding, the mold would meet various chemical materials. To ensures its long term stability, the mold material must has good corrosion resistance.


Heat Stability:  In the manufacturing process, the mold needs to be withstand extreme temperature to avoid deforming and destruction.





Machinability:  Subsequent machining is required after the mold is manufactured, so its machinability, such as ease of cutting and processing, needs to be considered.


Surface quality:  The quality of the mold surface also has a great influence on the quality of the finished product, so it is necessary to ensure the smoothness and precision of the mold surface.


Cost and manufacturing cycle:  Metal 3D printing molds have certain cost and manufacturing cycle advantages compared to traditional mold manufacturing methods, but their cost and manufacturing cycle also need to be considered to determine the feasibility of their manufacturing.





It should be noted that in different mold application scenarios, the requirements will be different, so it is necessary to comprehensively consider according to actual needs, and choose appropriate materials and processes to manufacture metal 3D printing molds. At present, Eplus3D has verified a variety of mold materials to meet the needs of different mold characteristics, including Maraging Steel (18Ni-300), 316L, 420 steel, H13,  etc.


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