With the growing scale of 3D printing technology in various industries, many domestic 3D printing equipment manufacturers have seized market share by increasing R&D investment and brand promotion.

At present, according to relevant statistics, the main market source of China's 3D printing equipment manufacturers still relies on industrial manufacturing, while the proportion of the consumer market is still relatively low, about 30%. Therefore, most manufacturers still focus on the development of industrial-grade printers.

So, if a factory needs to make industrial 3D printers are producing some products, such as prototype molds, portrait sculptures, industrial parts, etc., how should the manufacturer choose a good 3D printer brand manufacturer? The following points are listed here to help manufacturers choose equipment as a reference.

1. When choosing an industrial 3D printer brand manufacturer, you must first clarify your own needs. To understand what to buy an industrial 3D printer for. There are several technologies for 3D printers, such as printers, FDM, SLA, LCD, etc. You must first clarify your own needs, and then choose a brand manufacturer based on your own needs.

2. In order to promote their own industrial 3D printer products, most industrial 3D printer brand manufacturers leave traces on the Internet, and there are also many user feedbacks. So, after choosing a good brand, do a search online to see if the brand relies on it.

3. After choosing an industrial 3D printer, it is recommended to go to the brand site for inspection. After all, industrial 3D printers are usually expensive. To observe and study in person can not only judge the true or false, but also observe the strength, service and technology of the brand manufacturer.

4. Unless industrial 3D printers have certain budget requirements, price is not everything. For example, the price of some products is relatively high, but the product quality, pre-sales and after-sales service, and technical expenditure of the brand manufacturer will also be counted.

5. If you choose an imported brand of industrial 3D printers and find an agent, you must find a regular agent. The key is whether the agent can provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical expenditure, otherwise it will be very troublesome if there is a problem with the equipment.

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