With the advent of Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing technology is being adopted by many industries, like aerospace, automotive, and medical. With the passage of time, we can see that 3D printing has been applied in more and more cases. So far, many professionals have predicted that additive manufacturing will become an indispensable part of the future manufacturing industry.

Large-scale production

The main reason additive manufacturing is favored lies in a simple economic term, that is, "economies of scale (the more production, the more money saved)." As new technologies slowly spread, gradually moving from small-scale applications to large-scale applications, economies of scale began to take effect. Looking back at history, the first computer was big and cumbersome. With the passage of time, the development of technology reduced the volume and weight of the computer, resulting in lower costs, and eventually, computers became popular products.  Additive manufacturing breaks through the limitation of production scale, the starting point of production has been lowered for manufacturers. It is believed that additive manufacturing technology will gradually become more popular.

Why is Additive Manufacturing the Future of Manufacturing Industry

Bulk Manufacturing---Demonstration samples printed by EP-M260


Additive manufacturing reduces labor costs because it can be highly automated, requiring a small team to easily operate the machine. In addition, parts manufactured by traditional processes require tedious post-processing to achieve the required complex results, which will greatly increase the cost. The traditional process of producing complex parts requires well-trained employees, which also increases the fixed costs of the manufacturer.

Geometrical parts

Additive manufacturing can produce highly complex geometrical parts. According to traditional production methods, such as injection modeling or CNC machining, many of these technologies require multiple steps to produce items with complex shapes, but in terms of complexity, these technologies cannot reach the same level as additive manufacturing does.

Why is Additive Manufacturing the Future of Manufacturing Industry

Engine planing body(Stainless steel)

Support Policy of Country

In order to seize the opportunity of additive manufacturing technology and industrial development, many countries and regions have listed it as a key development direction and formulated relevant plans and supporting policies.

Looking forward to the future, countries around the world will take additive manufacturing as a new growth point of future industrial development, promote the accelerated integration of additive manufacturing technology and information network technology, new material technology, and new design concept, additive manufacturing technology and industry is going to have great potential. Eplus3D will be there to promote the next wave of growth in additive manufacturing. Welcome to contact Eplus3D for AM solutions.