With the application of metal 3D printing to the production process, the requirements for efficiency are getting higher. Multi-laser has become an upgraded molding process for metal 3D printing to achieve high efficiency, large size and batch manufacturing, and it is a new trend in the development of powder bed laser molding technology.

Integrated Molding of Large Parts

The positioning of the multi-laser 3D printing system is to break the limitations of production efficiency and product size of the current 3D printing technology.

In order to increase the format of SLM technology and increase the printing speed, the simultaneous operation of multiple lasers is a commonly used solution.

Efficiency Improvement

Generally speaking, the multi-laser system means that multiple parts can be printed at the same time. Compared with the single-laser system, the preparation time in the early stage of printing is greatly reduced. Although the powder spreading process is long and the number of printed parts is large, the time spent on a single layer caused by simultaneous printing of multiple lasers has not been prolonged.

Productivity Efficiency

Due to the increase of molding space, it means that single metal 3D printer can complete the processing tasks of multiple metal 3D printers’ at one time, which can reduce the number of machines purchased, machines costs, personnel maintenance costs and machines space costs for manufacturers.

At present, customers are no longer satisfied with small batch manufacturing. Expanding the printing size, improving printing efficiency, further reducing machine acquisition costs, and improving overall revenue are the goals that AM manufacturers strive to pursue.

Multi-beam has became a new trend in powder bed laser forming technology. One is to make large parts, and the other is to achieve mass production. The research and development of new multi-laser beam machine has became the focus of machine manufacturers. In order to cooperate with the improvement of efficiency, whether it is a polymer 3D printer or a metal 3D printer, the uninterrupted production of internal cylinder change and automatic closed screen powder feeding will also be reflected as a new technical form. Behind the multi-laser beam trend, extensive monitoring functions, control functions and a reliable printing process are the keys to ensuring high process stability and part quality.

About EP-M650 Large Format Metal AM System

Using MPBF (Metal Powder Bed Fusion) technology, the EP-M650 is using a 655 x 655 x 800 mm³ build envelope and quad laser systems to ensure a high efficiency printing production. The precise positioning and innovative area splicing control technology hereby offers uniformity and stability throughout the whole printing phase. The system can operate with various metal powders such as Titanium, Aluminum and Nickel-based alloys, Die Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome Cobalt Alloys and other materials. It is suitable for the direct manufacturing of large-size, high-precision and high-performance parts in the aerospace, aviation, automotive industry.

Why Choose Multi-Laser & Large Format Metal 3D Printer