Nowadays, with the development of 3D printing technology and the in-depth mining of application market, the acceptance of 3D printing technology is gradually increasing in more and more fields, such as aerospace, industrial production, dental &medicine and furniture industry,etc. The application types in these fields are also different, and gradually develop from model proofing to functional components, and from single printed samples to mass production. Today, this article will explore the application of 3D printing in the furniture industry.

Application of Lamp Decoration

1. Personalized batch production mode

3D printing technology can easily realize product combination manufacturing, with multiple products, different batches, one-time production and simultaneous delivery.

2. Fast, efficient and cost-effective

From design to delivery, through the use of 3D printing technology, it can be made and formed in a short time, and the production cost is lower.

3. Customization

The customization feature of 3D printing can meet the needs of consumers for personalized products.

3D Printing in the Furniture Industry

      Golden lamp                       Creative design lampshade

Application of Houseware

1. Simple and convenient

No matter how complex furniture products are, 3D printers can design furniture models to let consumers choose satisfactory furniture styles. 3D printers can also print out furniture prototypes directly, which greatly shorten product design time and improve production efficiency.

2. Personalized customization

For some furniture products that are large and difficult to carry, furniture accessories manufacturers have also developed effective segmentation and combination systems. They only need to use 3D printing technology to produce sofa feet, sofa chassis, sofa function frame and other components. Users can simply assemble them by themselves when using them, and even provide customers with personalized services such as self-designed furniture products and their accessories.

3D Printing in the Furniture Industry

Doorknobs printed by EPLUS3D metal 3d printer EP-M260 for a famous hotel in Japan

Every technology has its own advantages and limitations. At the same time, it will adjust its development curve according to the market demand, and so will 3D printing. Nowadays, with the promotion and use of 3D printing technology, it is accepted and recognized by most countries, regions and industries. Coupled with the subsequent changes in design thinking, the enrichment of material types, the improvement of technical maturity and the decline of costs, it will become a very important supplement to the traditional manufacturing industry ,also an emerging production industry and emerging production technology, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry. Welcome to contact EPLUS3D for more tailored AM solutions.