With more and more applications of metal additive manufacturing, metal 3D printers are becoming more and more popular. While pursuing high quality machine, we also need to pursue safe and reliable user experience. One of them is that there is a very big safety risk for manufacturers and factories due to dust exposure in the production chain.

Explosion risk

During production and subsequent powder cleaning processing, the most important concern is to reduce the risk of explosion. Active metals such as aluminum, titanium are flammable and explosive, which requires us to take various measures to prevent such metal powder from entering the operating environment and eliminate the possibility of explosion. The non-contact powder cleaning design reduces the risk of active metals in an inert gas filled internal building chamber.

Health risk

Besides explosion risk, we also need to take into account that inhalation of metal powder is a potential health threat which cannot be ignored. When we clean the printed parts manually, there is the possibility of inhalation of metal powder, regardless of the precautions taken to prevent ingestion of powder. Metal particles have been shown to penetrate the skin. Dust masks can not provide 100% protection against metal dust being inhaled. The best way is to reduce the release of the powder at the source.

With this in mind, Eplus3D has designed a unique non-contact powder cleaning design to clean and recycle the powder in a safe, closed environment in the building chamber.

EPLUS 3D Adds Non-contact Powder Cleaning to Its Metal AM Machines


This design contains an Intelligent electronic lock, which can operate automatically. Also, it has double locking from mechanical lock, which can improve safety. Besides, the two-glove structure of the access door makes it possible to operate without opening the door, which can reduce the risks from the powders. This design has already been applied in Eplus3D metal 3D printers. Welcome to contact us for more details!