In May, 2023, Eplus3D debuts at Rapid+TCT 2023, the largest and the most influential additive manufacturing event in North America. The event gathered more than 350 exhibitors this year, showing off the latest and the most shining industrial technologies.


Founded in 2014 and with the core technical team of more than 25 years of AM technology

experience, Eplus3D is engaged in research and development of industrial-grade Additive Manufacturing systems and application technologies using MPBF™ (Metal Powder Bed Fusion) technology.


Eplus3D has four facilities in Beijing, Hangzhou, Stuttgart and Houston, with an annual scientific research investment of more than 20% of the revenue with comprehensive invention patents, utility model patents, software copyrights as well as appearance patents. It has made great achievements in the design-, process-, software-, materials- and post-processing development for additive manufacturing and has successfully implemented AM solutions at customer site in more than 40 countries and regions.


After the launch of new Quad-laser Metal Powder Bed Fusion machine EP-M400, Eplus3D presented at Rapid+TCT 2023 with its multi-laser large-format metal AM solutions. Together  with EP-M650 and EP-M1250 multi-laser series, Eplus3D continues to combine the features of large-format MPBF metal 3d printing and innovation technology to establish a new level of performance for metal additive manufacturing. It aims to further expand the application of multi-laser large-format metal 3D printing in multiple industries.



To date, Eplus3D's line-up consist 10+ major advanced metal 3D printers, varied from the printing size and volume. Eplus3D's metal printers equipped with up to 9 lasers, and it is no doubt that the printing work can be done in the machine in a quicker time in a bigger building chamber, Eplus3D's biggest building volume can be up to 2m³and build speed can be up to 240 cm³/h, compared to other machine with less lasers and smaller volume.  


Through this great exhibition, Eplus3D has gained deeper insight about the latest metal 3D printing development and trends in the 3d printing industry as well as finding more opportunities to reach the wider market, and will surely attend Rapid+TCT 2024 to meet more fabulous thoughts and ideas.


See you next year!