The quality of software directly affects not only the experience of users, but also related to the additive manufacturing cost and production efficiency of users. Stability, speed, and powerfulness are becoming the trend. After knowing Eplus3D's self-developed software EP Control, lets check more about data preparation system and monitoring system of Eplus3D.


Eplus3D Data Preparation Software EP Hatch


EP Hatch is a data preparation software independently developed by Eplus3D, which supports SLC/CLI slicing files. Parts are filled in the processing path, with intelligent identification of different feature areas and rich process parameters. With characteristics of openness and adjustment, it can meet the printing process requirements of different types of parts. 


The software identifies the main body, upper surface and lower surface. It is possible to adjust parameters such as laser power, scan speed, scan spacing, scan strategy, contour spacing, offset and others.


With EPLUS 3D printing software solution data preparation, customers can make the first step in additive manufacturing as efficient as possible. The software enables you to assign and optimize process parameters for industrial 3D printing on Eplus3D additive manufacturing machines effectively.


  • Save cost

  • Optimize the printing path

  • Scanning path analog display

  • Inter layer printing on support

  • Develop your own parameters

  • Various scanning methods available

  • Different layer thickness on one part

  • Print with different parameters on one platform

  • Automatic point reduction for outline optimization

  • Independent parameter setting for partitioned area


Advantages of Eplus3D Monitoring System

Eplus3D provides quality control solutions driven by process data with Eplus3D monitoring system.

  • Melt pool radiation

  • Data Monitoring Platform

  • Laser Power Monitoring System

  • Powder Bed Flatness Monitoring

  • Melt pool morphology monitoring

  • Infrared monitoring of the heat dissipation (off-axis)

  • Melt pool dynamic response (high speed visible light, off-axis)


How to monitor laser-based metal powder bed fusion process? How does monitoring system work with Eplus3D metal 3D printers? Let's check video below for details.




From data preparation and printing control software to monitoring system, Eplus3D additive manufacturing software covers every process step and quality assurance for additive manufacturing to achieve machine stability and especially excellent quality of metal 3D printing parts. Welcome to contact Eplus3D for more details.