AM-Studio for Eplus3D: In Cooperation for the Best Results

All advantages of the data preparation software AM-Studio – now also on the 3D printers from Eplus3D. Here, you will find out everything about the new cooperation.

Perfectly customized to each other: Eplus3D Now Also Supplies 3D Printers with the Data Preparation Software from CADS Additive

Faster to the result, ''first-time-right'' and usage based upon a hands-on mentality – which is now also successful with the 3D printers from Eplus3D because the manufacturer now also offers its metal 3D printers with optimally-adapted AM-Studio data preparation software – thanks to the new cooperation with CADS Additive.

High-Performance Software for Metal 3D Printers from Eplus3D

The high-end software AM-Studio reveals all its advantages when it is perfectly adapted to the 3D printer connected to it and now the optimally-customized usage of the software is also possible with the 3D printers from Eplus3D.

Progress from which, among others, the customers from the tool construction, automotive, aviation and space travel, medical technology, consumer goods and electronics segments profit because, for these application areas, Eplus3D already offers suitable manufacturing solutions in their powder bed manufacturing printers.

''We are pleased to support Eplus3D during the international expansion. Our brand-new 'TITAN.Core', with its extremely faster calculation times for the hatching, makes its contribution to success – particularly for large and complex assembly units. In addition to outstanding results, Eplus3D's customers thus also profit from the substantially-shorter production times.''

Daniel Plos, Sales Director at CADS Additive GmbH

An Overview of the Advantages of the Cooperation between Eplus3D and CADS Additive

Start Immediately

No learning curve, no cautious approach: Software and 3D printer are already as trusted as old friends on the first working day. Thus, the component’s CAD data are directly transferred in optimized form to the Eplus3D printer.

Learning by Doing

The intuitive software enables the operation of the Eplus3D printers with a hands-on mentality. Instead of wasting a lot of time on training sessions, users begin directly with the manufacture of the components.

''First-Time Right''

Save time and resources: Through the optimal coordination between the software and the printer, even complex components are already successful during the initial trial within the tolerances. Support structures and planned distortions are directly taken into consideration thanks to intelligent software support.

Premium Services as the Standard

Important functions are an expensive add-on? With the devices from Eplus3D with AM-Studio, everything is included which contributes to attaining the best result.

Premium also offers another advantage with regards to the support: The users of Eplus3D printers with the data preparation software AM-Studio from CADS Additive profit from the know-how of both companies. The support is rendered by the Eplus3D team which has been specially trained for the software – with the software creators from CADS Additive at its side.

“The complete integration of all Eplus3D systems into AM-Studio is a great advantage for our customers. Their components are prepared in only a few pre-defined steps for printing and sent to the Production Unit. The parameter flexibility remains completely preserved – particularly advanced users really appreciate this.”

Enis Jost, Deputy General Manager at Eplus3D

The Advantages of AM-Studio on Ever-More Devices

With its high-end software, CADS Additive would like to provide metal 3D printers throughout the entire world with better results. Through its new cooperation with Eplus3D, the company has come one step closer to fulfilling this mission. In addition to Eplus3D’s devices, the software has likewise already been optimally customized to the 3D printers from numerous other manufacturers – but, at the same time, retains its proven parameter flexibility with regard to all additional components.

All Info about CADS Additive and Eplus3D

The manufacturer Eplus3D offers a wide array of various 3D printers – for components with various requirements and dimensions. The manufacturer provides details about the company as well as an overview of the devices on the website: Eplus3D.com

For everyone who would prefer to first try out the AM-Studio software on an existing device, CADS Additive has made a demo version available. All information in this regard can be found on the company's website: www.cads-additive.com