After the 21st century, metal 3D printing technology has gradually been accepted by the public and has entered a period of wide application, especially after 2018. With the advancement of technology, metal 3D printing has not only been used in product design, industrial design, medical applications and other fields In addition to playing a huge role, it is also constantly playing its unique role in fields such as hand-board models. More and more enterprises have entered into related research and development, production services and other fields. At present, some creative printing stores with metal 3D printing technology have also appeared on Chinese e-commerce platforms, and the entire industry is in a stage of rapid development.

Reasons for the rapid development of metal 3D printing technology: Price decline and technological progress are two important reasons for the rapid development of metal 3D printing.

1. The price of metal 3D printing technology has dropped

From the beginning, the price of each metal 3D printer was more than 1 million US dollars. Now, the price of ordinary metal 3D printers has gradually dropped. The drop in price has directly contributed to the entry of 3D printers into ordinary businesses.

In the past 10 years, metal 3D printing materials have also changed from one type to multiple types, and the manufacturing process of materials has also continued to improve and develop. With the improvement of labor productivity, not only the price of metal 3D printers is constantly falling, but also the prices of supporting printing materials and parts are also falling, allowing more and more people to accept and use them. Metal 3D printing, from printing a model of a single material to directly printing products of multiple materials, is more and more able to meet the diverse needs of people. Metal 3D printers are increasingly becoming a magical machine that can manufacture everything.

2. Advances in metal 3D printing technology

In recent years, metal 3D printing technology has also achieved good development in China, and the application of scientific research has developed relatively rapidly. Some scientific research achievements have been applied to sophisticated fields such as aerospace, biology, and medicine.

Since recent years, many colleges and universities in China have carried out independent research and development of metal 3D printing technology. It can be seen from the large number of metal 3D printing technology used in the final works of recent graduates in the past two years. The cultivation of metal 3D printing technology in colleges and universities The proportion is also getting higher and higher. These universities have achieved a certain degree of industrialization and established manufacturing companies. The price of metal 3D printers produced by some companies has become internationally competitive, and the accuracy is not inferior to Europe and the United States. They are very popular in the European and American markets.

In the upcoming industry 4.0 era, the rapid development of metal 3D printing technology has kicked off the fourth industrial revolution. Metal 3D printing technology is constantly being applied in mold manufacturing, industrial design, automobile, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education and scientific research and other fields.

With the rapid development of metal 3D printing technology, metal 3D printing is no longer just an imagination, but has gradually entered ordinary enterprises, playing a huge role in the daily production of enterprises.

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